As I sit over a friend’s house, enjoying the warm weather, the pool and great food, I wanted to take a few minutes just to say ”thank you” to all those serving in our military and those veterans at home who may not be so fortunate as I, who might be sitting home alone remembering their buddies who didn’t come home as they did.

Their sacrifices have not been in vain – even though there is no amount of gratitude that could ever repay to them what they have given: their lives for my freedom.

To their families and loved ones, rest assured that their sacrifice is not remembered only by you but by everyone who cherishes and loves freedom.

Becky Romero, in revealing bikini on public street, just before I was arrested, 2011
Bad timing, as my friend Ashley took this pic on the way back from a pool party, led to my brief arrest. As the officer handcuffed my hands behind my back after a butt and breast-groping pat down he said I should be ashamed of myself since several giggling teenage boys standing nearby could see my pubic hair. When I sarcastically replied that I didn’t care if I was naked, he said “Don’t worry,” that I’d soon get my wish with a strip-search at the jail. Determined to get in the last word, I said “Why not strip me right here and get it over with?” He replied, “One more word out of your mouth, young lady, and I will.” Fortunately, Ash convinced the officer to let me off with a warning.

I originally published this on my blog at the Experience Project, May 30, 2011.

The Triumph of Light over Darkness: U.S. Navy Seals Kill Osama bin Laden, Sending Him on Express Train to Hell

It took a few months shy of a decade, but evil was sent a telegram tonight: there is no statute of limitations on mass murderings of Americans and there’s no place on this Earth where you can hide if you do.

Osama bin Laden, the leader of al Qaeda and mastermind of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States and numerous other terrorist attacks on civilians around the globe is dead.

In this latest triumph of light over darkness, the assault on bin Laden’s fortified compound in northern Pakistan by elite U.S. Navy Seals came on the 66th anniversary of the fall of Berlin, the capital of Nazi Germany.

I originally published this on my blog at the Experience Project, May 2, 2011.