Summer of Shame

Probably the most important thing for a teenager girl who is entrusted with babysitting younger boys is for them to have total respect for her authority. After all, when you tell them to behave for either their own safety or for your sanity, you need them to know that it’s an order not a request, even though you may not be that much older than them.

For example, when you tell them it’s time for their bath and you need them to undress, they’ll comply – however reluctanly and despite their embarrassment – if they recognize your authority as loco parentis. Same for telling them to do their homework, turn down the TV or to stop arguing with their siblings.

But imagine what happens to all that respect you’ve built up over time when suddenly one day they see your panties pulled down and your upturned, completely bare bottom being spanked by your stepdad, your legs uncontrollably flying wide open and about from the pain, your unfastened bra falling to the floor releasing your teenage breasts to bounce about as your body wiggles in pain and, upon your standing up and clenching your sore butt with both hands, see you as nothing but a naked, crying, jiggling, spectacle before them?

Ashamed? Humiliated? Wanting to crawl into a hole and hide? Owned – when you later feel like you’re the one being babysat by them because of their constant teasing?

That’s how I felt when this happened to me at age 16.

Oh, and did I mention that my younger brother was watching, too?

It was the beginning of my ”Summer of Shame” and the first of many humiliating, shameful spankings that left me feeling far much more like a little girl in pre-school barely out of diapers with no need for any modesty to be afforded to her than an often impertinent teenage girl in high school heading into 11th grade with a driver’s license.

Nearly Arrested and Hand-Cuffed While Wearing Only a Thong Bikini

When I was 16, one of my girlfriends and I were heading to the lake one day to meet up with some other friends. We were running late when she got to my house. I had my string bikini on but that was it when I saw my younger brother and his friend walking up the street. I was wearing a g-string thong bottom and my stepdad had already hit the roof when he caught me wearing it one day and was forbidding me to wear it again.

Earlier in the month he had already spanked my bare bottom (right in plain view of my younger brother and his 12-year old playmate – a boy I regularly babysat!) My mom didn’t care (about the bikini, that is) but she was away for the weekend. I didn’t want my brother to see me wearing it so I jumped in the car.

Ashley, who had pulled off her shorts and top to show me her new bikini, also a thong, quickly threw her stuff in the trunk. I thought she grabbed my clothes too, that were in a bag in the driveway; but she thought I had thrown them in the backseat of her car. By the time I realized it, we decided it was too late to go back for my clothes less my brother see that I was wearing the forbidden bikini and tattle to our stepdad about it.

We headed out and she knew I was a little embarrassed about being in a bikini in her convertible, so she took a back highway. I looked back and saw she had one of her t-shirts on the back seat so I reached over to grab it, got it but then lost it and it went flying out of the car. About 30 seconds later, we heard a siren.

A state trooper pulled us over; he had seen the t-shirt go flying out of the car and thought oh, these girls must be stripping or something. Of course, then he saw we were wearing just bikinis and my explanation seemed to satisfy him until he asked to see both our IDs and Ashley’s vehicle registration and driver license (which was in her shorts in the trunk).

It was embarrassing enough, given we were in thong bikinis. But then I knew I couldn’t produce my ID because my clothes weren’t in the trunk.

As we got out of the car he asked if we had been drinking.

We were both, ”No way!”

But he made us walk up and down alongside the shoulder of the highway just the same. A few cars approached, honking their horns at us. Ashley made it worse by waving back and jiggling her boobs at them.

Because he wanted to write us a ticket and I was the one who admitted losing the t-shirt in the wind and didn’t have an ID, he said he’d have to take me to a station and have my parents come with my ID and pick me up.

I started to protest and but he said, “Don’t make me handcuff you. Because I will.”

Then I started to plead and say he didn’t understand, that my mom was out of town and my stepdad would be furious seeing me like that and that he probably wouldn’t even wait until we got home before spanking me – as he had threatened to do if he caught me wearing this particular bikini.

The patrolman sarcastically responded, “Good. I hope he does! The boys could use a little entertainment down at the station today.”

He then added that maybe I should have thought of that before leaving the house with so little on, saying I should be ashamed of myself and that if I was his daughter he’d turn me over his knee just like I was dressed.

As I blushed he handed Ashley her ID back, but she dropped it. She bent over to pick it up and within a few seconds, brakes were screeching and then BOOM!!!

Then, a moment later there was another BOOM!

A horn was sounding, stuck and blaring away and all three of us turned to see a three-car pile-up. Two drivers were soon getting out of their cars, one of them pointing at us while the other driver was swearing and cussing back at him.

The patrolman then turned back to us and said, “Just go. Get back in your car and go before you get someone killed out here.”

We were going, ”Oh, thank you, officer. Thank you so much. Have a nice day. Bye!”

We got back in Ashley’s car and headed to the lake. My heart was pounding for about ten minutes before Ashley started laughing and that finally got me laughing. I had more laughs as we shared the story with our friends once we arrived at the lake.

Unfortunately for me, when Ashley dropped me off at home at the end of the day my stepdad was able to figure out that I had disobeyed him. (This despite me leaving my bikini with Ashley and wearing only a towel on the way home.) This was compounded by the fact that, after being pressed about, I admitted to lying about what I had worn to the lake. There was no more laughing that night, except from my kid brother who quite happily watched me getting spanked on my bare bottom.