Summer of Shame

Probably the most important thing for a teenager girl who is entrusted with babysitting younger boys is for them to have total respect for her authority. After all, when you tell them to behave for either their own safety or for your sanity, you need them to know that it’s an order not a request, even though you may not be that much older than them.

For example, when you tell them it’s time for their bath and you need them to undress, they’ll comply – however reluctanly and despite their embarrassment – if they recognize your authority as loco parentis. Same for telling them to do their homework, turn down the TV or to stop arguing with their siblings.

But imagine what happens to all that respect you’ve built up over time when suddenly one day they see your panties pulled down and your upturned, completely bare bottom being spanked by your stepdad, your legs uncontrollably flying wide open and about from the pain, your unfastened bra falling to the floor releasing your teenage breasts to bounce about as your body wiggles in pain and, upon your standing up and clenching your sore butt with both hands, see you as nothing but a naked, crying, jiggling, spectacle before them?

Ashamed? Humiliated? Wanting to crawl into a hole and hide? Owned – when you later feel like you’re the one being babysat by them because of their constant teasing?

That’s how I felt when this happened to me at age 16.

Oh, and did I mention that my younger brother was watching, too?

It was the beginning of my ”Summer of Shame” and the first of many humiliating, shameful spankings that left me feeling far much more like a little girl in pre-school barely out of diapers with no need for any modesty to be afforded to her than an often impertinent teenage girl in high school heading into 11th grade with a driver’s license.

Author: Becky Romero

Midwest native Becky Romero finally coped with the many years of embarrassment, humiliation and shame by letting it all out into the open and talking about it. And she's no longer in denial that she often DID deserve, even well into her late twenties, many bare-bottom disciplinary spankings - no matter who was present and no matter the total exposure and shame she felt. Becky, now 32, is a college grad, single and lives with roommates. She is an interior decorator.

2 thoughts on “Summer of Shame”

  1. Oh My Gosh! Your spankings sound so embarrassing!! I'm so sorry all those humiliating things happened to you.

    What's also terrible is that I had a several mortifying spankings myself. I too had an evil stepdad. Maybe your stepdad and mine were separated at birth. I'll have to share some of my experiences with you sometime!

    Also, I would be curious to hear about the time you were spanked in the changing room and also in front of your stepdad's relatives. Once my stepdad let his brother even spank me himself!

    Anyway, I'm sure I'll be back here to comment more. Thanks again for sharing. It's nice to know I wasn't the only girl to grow up with embarrassing spankings


  2. You were set-up by your step-dad to be humiliated in front of anyone he thought you might have authority over. If you had been bossing your younger cousin around, if you had given your younger brother an order, if you had babysat some younger neighborhood boys, then he would go out of his way to make you feel embarrassed in front of them. He must have had a difficult childhood to try to seek justice by perverting your childhood. Be strong and bury it, don't pass it on by spanking girls who babysit your own boys while your boys watch. You might be tempted to pull down her panties while they watch.

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