Teenage Girl Babysitter Gets Spanked

Teenage Girl Babysitter Acts Too Smart for Her Own Good, Ends Up Being Shamed and Spanked on Her Bare Bottom in Front of the Very Boys She Was Babysitting

Not long after I had turned 17, I suffered one of the worst possible utterly humiliating indignity imaginable for a teenage girl babysitter: being completely stripped and fully exposed from the waist down and then soundly spanked on my bare bottom in front of the very two younger boys whom I had been babysitting that night.

I know that many parents (and certainly 99.9% of males who have ever had a teenage girl babysitter who they felt was overly bitchy and bossy and mean) might say it was actually a fitting and proper comeuppance for me to receive. But, in any event, it was a punishment I’ll never live down.

It all started because of my stupid stepdad, his stubbornness and lack of respect for me to make my own decisions.

A family with two boys, ages 10 and 12, lived just down the block from us. I had babysat the boys in the past and really wasn’t keen on babysitting them again because they were a handful for sure.

One weekend in the fall of 2002 my younger brother (age 14) and I were with my stepdad for one of the many mandatory, court-ordered ‘visitations’ we had to spend with him.

I was already ticked at having to cancel a date that Saturday night with my boyfriend. And my stepdad further irritated me by having promised that family I’d babysit that night. But then I started thinking about it and realized it was at least a chance to actually be with my boyfriend.

Only my plan backfired when the boys wouldn’t cooperate by going to sleep several hours before the bedtime specified by their parents. Because they ruined a chance for me to do some cuddling with my boyfriend, I decided to retaliate by exaggerating their misbehavior that evening once their parents got home.

I wouldn’t mind much at all if their parents gave them a firm spanking with the bare hand and I can’t say that I wouldn’t have enjoyed watching their bared embarrassment.

However, if I even thought for a moment they would be strapped with a belt I would have lied from the onset and said they behaved like little angels.

But if I didn’t anticipate the dad’s reaction, what then?

That’s sort of what led to my dilemma and I suffered the consequences for lying and trying to be too smart for my own good.

The dad took off his belt. But before he made the boys pull down their pants, I stopped him and told him that what I initially said about the boys’ behavior wasn’t exactly entirely true.

Instead, I truthfully admitted that the boys actually behaved fairly good and only caused me some trouble when I tried to send them upstairs to bed way too early.

When he and his wife seemed at first to doubt me (probably because they knew how bad the boys often behaved for babysitters!), I finally admitted that after he and his wife left I had intended to invite a boyfriend over after (planning on) sending the boys to bed early. It was only then that the boys acted up.

I noted how the boys overheard me talking to my boyfriend on the phone and upon hearing my scheme they said if I did that they’d tattle on me to their parents.

I said I told the boys it would just be their word against mine and their parents would surely believe me, not them. But because they had ruined a chance for me to be alone with my boyfriend I had planned on retaliating against them by making up lies about them being bratty, rude and obnoxious all night long.

However, I told the dad, upon seeing him take off his belt, my conscience couldn’t permit me to see the boys have their bare bottoms repeatedly hit when they had really done nothing wrong. I said that at worst I thought they’d surely be grounded and that maybe the boys would have to pull their pants down for a bare bottom spanking by the hand.

Then the boys tattled on me and told their parents perhaps the worst of it: that I told them I would enjoy seeing them blushing with their pants down and trying to cover up their little penises while they got spanked. They also noted that I would then remind them of their shame each and ever time I babysat them in the future which I told them I hoped would be every week just so they feel embarrassed again and again because they helped to ruin a chance for me to be with my boyfriend.

But to see them hit with the belt would have been too much for my conscience to take. I then apologized for trying to get the boys in trouble.

The boys’ parents said I should be ashamed of myself as they both berated me and told me how disappointed they were in me and for me violating their trust. Yet, they still wanted to pay me but I said that, no, I couldn’t take their money. The mom said she was at least impressed with my honesty even though if it were up to her I would be sternly punished, while the dad was still a bit visibly angry (probably because he nearly punished for boys for no reason).

I then apologized again and left only to find myself outside at my car with a dead battery.

As much as I hated to do so, I had to call my stepdad (my younger brother and I were with him for the weekend) to come pick me up since it was around midnight.

Although the family just lived down the block from my mom’s house, my mom was away that weekend while my younger brother and I had one of those frequent court-ordered ‘visitation’ weekends with our stepdad. He had got a place for himself after moving out, so we had to be with him. His new place was miles away, hence why I had my car with me.

When my stepdad got there, he brought along not only my younger brother (who was now 14) but also his new girlfriend and one of her nephews, who was around 6 or 7), since he was going to drive Terri and her nephew home that night anyway.

And that’s when my night turned from bad to worse.

Terri’s nephew said he needed to use the bathroom and I went back inside to get my handbag. I then excused myself to the bathroom as well once Terri’s nephew came out. But in that time the parents of the two boys began to tell everything I had confessed about to my stepdad!

When I walked back out into the family room, my stepdad immediately started to go into a fit about how dare I try to get those boys in trouble and that I was going to be the one punished, etc., etc., etc.

I said I was sorry over and over and that I had already apologized, etc., etc., etc.

But that didn’t matter. My stepdad called me over to him and said he was going to spank me right there, looking up at the two boys’ parents to see if they had any objections.

The mother of the two boys just kind of smirked and said, “Well, it would be a fitting punishment for her. If I were her mom, I’d spank her, too. Becky even did say how much she would have enjoyed seeing the boys embarrassed with their pants down getting spanked on their bare butt.”

That set my stepdad off even more: “Oh? She said that, did she?”

“Well, then Becky. Get over here. NOW!”

I glanced over at the two boys and they just had the widest grins on their faces. They were obvious quite content at the thought of seeing ME punished! My brother and Terri’s nephew were already giggling (since they had already seem me spanked in the recent past).

As I walked over and stood in front of my stepdad, who by now had sat down on a dining table chair he had pulled over, he first berated me for how I was dressed. I was wearing a short, mid-riff bearing tube top (no bra) that went down to just above my exposed navel, a pair of tight shorts (and panties) and sandals.

With Terri’s nephew sitting on a chair immediately to my stepdad’s right (Terri and my brother off to my stepdad’s right even further) and the two boys I had babysat and their parents now sitting down behind me, my stepdad then unfastened my shorts and pulled both them and my panties down in one swoop.

The air was filled by gasps and giggles from the boys, my brother at least merely smirking at my exposure and my shame.

My stepdad then stood up, put his hands on my shoulders and spun me around to face the two boys and their parents. I gasped in embarrassment, throwing my hands down to cover my neatly trimmed pubes, which at that time extended upwards over my mound from my clit into a little bush, leaving my lips cleanly shaven on both sides.

I was then ordered to apologize. When I said, by now sniffling and my eyes tearing up, that I had already apologized, the mother of the two boys pointed out that I really hadn’t apologized to her two sons.

Mortified as the boys looked me over, I began blabbering out an apology to them until Terri interrupted and said, “Hands at your sides, Becky.”

When I hesitated, my stepdad walked over a few steps and gave me two hard slaps to my bare bottom and repeated what Terri had said.

Closing my eyes for a few seconds in shame, I did as instructed, hearing the boys snicker and giggle until I mustered up enough courage to open them.

Terri then said, “Becky, start over with your apology.”

Oh, great! More exposed shame!

I looked down at the floor while I muttered my apology again until Terri told me to look at the boys! Of course, when I did so, their eyes met mine only when they weren’t darting back down to glance at my exposed bottomless.

The boys’ mom even snickered about, asking me, “So Becky. How does it feel to have YOUR pants down before you get punished? Like you wanted them to feel? Embarrassed? Ashamed?”

I nodded but my stepdad ordered me to put my feelings into words.

“Yes, I feel very embarrassed,” I noted, as the giggled even louder. And I apologized for lying about them again.

As that all went on for probably two minutes, I tried to avoid eye contact with the boys’ father, but at one point our eyes met and he had a smirk on his face. There was not a sympathetic face towards me in the room!

My stepdad then ordered me to step out of my shorts and panties and walk back over to him as I obviously had to spread my feet apart enough to kick them off. Of course it doing so, the boys got even a better frontal view of me.

I was then soon over my stepdad’s lap and the spanking began.

As he had been doing so recently, he punctuated each word denouncing my behavior with a hard slap to my bare bottom several seconds apart so that I would feel each slap separately, sometimes alternating which cheek to strike, sometimes not, but thoroughly spanking both sides of my bottom and most especially my sit spot.

For a few seconds, I tried to keep my legs together but due to the stinging pain soon modesty was of no real concern despite me hearing all three young boys giggling behind me. Apparently, the boys whom I had babysat for the evening decided to take advantage of the opportunity to get an impromptu education on the female anatomy.

After the lecture part of the spanking, another phase of it began in which I had to issue promises about my future behavior while still being spanked as I responded. By now my bottom was quite red and quite sore. Then it was over. Probably a good three to four minutes.

When I was told to stand up, I was the one doing the spanking dance you referred to, trying to rubbing my sore bottom, arching up and down on my toes, oblivious to the fact that my tube top had slide down to around my mid-section. So, my bare buns weren’t the only things jiggling about as I did the spanking dance.

After the most immediately pain began to subside, probably not for a good minute or so at least, Terri told me, “Shame on you. Pop your tits back in your top, Becky.”

That got giggles from everyone in the room save for perhaps my stepdad. Even the boys’ mom had a look of satisfaction on her face for the shameful punishment that without a doubt just put an impertinent teenage girl in her place.

I fixed my top, but didn’t bother trying to cover up down below. Everyone in the room had gotten a long, good view of my womanhood. Trying to regain any modesty now was pointless.

It was at this point that the mother of the boys incredulously said to my stepdad, “I don’t think we will have to worry now about Becky acting inappropriately when she’s babysitting the boys in the future.”

I thought to myself, did I hear her correctly? She wants me to continue babysitting her two boys?

The woman then added, “Becky had said that when threatening the boys she intended to remind them of them feeling embarrassed ever time she’d babysit them in the future. Looks like she’ll be the one embarrassed now. Won’t you be, Becky?”

When I blushed and nodded, she added she wanted me to babysit her sons each of the following two weekends!

My stepdad said that would be fine with him and when I protested that I had plans to go out with my friends, he said he didn’t care.

He then told the parents of the boys that if I presented any problems, they had his permission to spank me!

I raised my voice and protested, “That’s not fair! They can’t spank me.”

But he asked them, “Do you have a problem with that?”

They each shrugged, the woman saying, “Not at all. I’d have liked to spank her myself for what she did tonight. I think it was admirable of her to confess what she planned but she still needed to be punished.”

When I muttered a “What the fuck?” my stepdad said “Watch your mouth, Becky” and then marched me over to the woman and told me to bend over. When I hesitated, he began to arch my back over until I quickly relented, finding myself over the woman’s lap!

Ten painful swats from her later, I was standing again, my tube top again betraying me.

She then nodded to her husband and I was quickly pulled over his knee and got a good half dozen or so swats from him, too!

Terri then suggested that for my disrespect and to help insure my proper behavior, the parents of the two boys should spank me on my bare bottom the following weekend as soon as I arrived there to babysit the boys: “That will help her continue to reflect on how poorly she behaved tonight.”

The woman said, “You mean something like a preventive spanking? I’m O.K. with that.”

The boys giggled. Evidently, they were going to be quite fine with that, too!

My stepdad then told my brother and I to go wait in the car with Terri’s nephew, that he and Terri would be out in a few minutes. (No doubt they wanted to rip my mom about the divorce proceedings).

The two boys waved to me as I blushed in retreat, giggling “See you next week, Becky.”

Terri reminded me to put my tube top back in place, which I did. But I was still bottomless, too. But when I looked around to retrieve my shorts and panties, I saw that Terri was holding them and she told me, “Just go out to the car, Becky. I’ll bring them out to you.”

Embarrassed, I headed outside half-naked with a red bottom, at this point not much caring who would see me. No one else did, thankfully, and within a minute Terri’s nephew, my brother Matt and I were sitting in the back seat, me crying in pain and shame, them smirking and grinning at my embarrassment.

Actually, sitting is a subjective term in this case. Because I wasn’t quite sitting. I was more or less resting half over onto my brother’s lap, not at all concerned that Terri’s nephew was getting a close-up view of everything.

I then made sure the following weekend to humble myself to the boys, literally having to get down on my knees to BEG them not to tell their friends in the neighborhood they saw me getting spanked on my bare bottom. I pretty much ended up their maid and waitress any time I babysat them after that.

Author: Becky Romero

Midwest native Becky Romero finally coped with the many years of embarrassment, humiliation and shame by letting it all out into the open and talking about it. And she's no longer in denial that she often DID deserve, even well into her late twenties, many bare-bottom disciplinary spankings - no matter who was present and no matter the total exposure and shame she felt. Becky, now 32, is a college grad, single and lives with roommates. She is an interior decorator.

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  1. GREAT story. It's good to see that you are still writing and posting! I visit this forum regularly in the hopes to see something new from you and tonight I wasn't disappointed, Thank you. No one writes on this topic like you do. You have an outstanding writing style. I hope that you will continue to post additional entries soon!

  2. Becky, you were quite willing to stand around and watch the two boys get spanked on their bare ass and you had even intended to tease them about it later had your whole scheme worked out.

    Just for that you deserved every single bit of the punishment you got. Always a good thing when a snotty, bitchy teenage babysitter is put in her place. Especially one who has a proclivity to make fun of boys who have small penises. LMAO!

    Your step dad acted correctly in not only spanking your bare ass himself but letting the parents of the boys you tried to get spanked spank them yourself on your bare ass too! I would have done the same thing if I were in his shoes.

    Especially like that you were made to continue to babysit the boys after you were humiliated in front of them. I bet Becky wasn't such a bitch to them after that, were you?

  3. WOW! Becky I'm impressed that you admitted that embarrassing situation on your blog. Those boys who you were happy to see get spanked naked in front of you ended up seeing you getting spanked naked in front of them! I guess there is some justice in this world. And I would have taken up the same position they did which is right behind you. Closely watching your legs as your ass got spanked and watching you open up your legs to their curious view. Did you look back over your shoulder as you were getting spanked and did you see the gleam in their eyes as they looked between your legs? Were you shamed or turned on, or maybe a little of both?

  4. Yes, I was wrong for planning what I did (I didn't even see them spanked because I confessed to my scheme as soon as I saw their dad take off his belt and thus before the boys would have been bottomless).

    The boys and their parents weren't the blame for my idiot stepdad making a promise for me to babysit the boys that night in the first place with asking me first.

    Yes, I happened to glance back a couple of times during my spanking and their eyes met mine for a brief moment. Each time I regretted looking back due to the instinctive reaction to their giggling. Even though they obviously could see everything, I still wish our eyes hadn't met because just as I could see their delight in theirs, they could see my total shame in mine.

    Also, I couldn't help but seeing their reaction again after my spanking as I stood there rubbing my sore bottom with my tube top having slid down off my boobs.

    Turned on? Are you kidding me? I felt extremely embarrassed, utterly humiliated and very, very, VERY ashamed of myself.

  5. No, not because you said I deserved to be spanked for trying to get the boys in trouble.

    I apologized because I mistook you for a guy who has a small penis that keeps complaining over and over and over that I keep mentioning that he has a small one.

  6. This is perfect! From the boys perspective you got what you deserved and it is truly a joy in life to see justice happen. Not only did they see justice happen but they got to see it with a perfect view from directly behind you. Lovely scene that must have been for them. I'm sure they cherish that memory to this day.

  7. Your stepdad was right spanking you panties down in front of the boys you had babysat and their parents. It doesn't matter that you were 17 at the time, or if you had been 13 or 20. I'd have punished you the same way your stepdad did. Your behavior was unacceptable and you deserved ever firm swat you got to your bare teenage buns. Happy to see there are still parents out there who believe in properly disciplining brats like you.

  8. About four years later I was back home during summer break from college and my mom wanted me to go to a block party. I didn't much care to but did anyway because my mom didn't want to go by herself.

    Of course, when it was time to eat she had me sit at a table and assured me she'd be there in a couple minutes. Instead, she got chatting with some other friends, sat with them under another tented area altogether and abandoned me.

    Naturally, who did I get stuck sitting with at a table with about a dozen other neighbors, squeezed in with no easy exit by the surrounding tables and chairs? Those two boys and their mom.

    For the better part of the next hour, there I was at 21 years old, the butt of jokes as the boys and their mom were not the least bit shy about disseminating all the humiliating details of my punishment that night four years earlier.

    My face got more red with each passing minute as newer neighbors know knew more about me than I ever would have wanted. I was also stuck seated between two pre-teen boys who wouldn't stop giggling, grinning and smirking at me as details of how my panties were pulled down, how I cried liked a baby as I was spanked, how my bare boobs jiggled about as I did the 'spanky dance.'

    Usually I am not self-conscience about my state of dress in a crowd. But on that hot day I was wearing a tight white strapless mini dress (that also did not hide my ample cleavage).

    And since I've always had a distaste for panty lines when wearing a form-fitting dress… well, more on that later.

    As the others at the table smirked and quite enjoyed my embarrassment and increasing uneasiness, plainly evident by my increasing squirming while seated on an already uncomfortable bench, I began getting the shameful questions.

    "Well, Becky," said one woman in her thirties who I had just met. "You were setting up the boys to be spanked. Don't you think it was fair they saw you spanked?

    Embarrassingly, I nodded. She agreed, adding "I'd have spanked you, too."

    Other parents around the table nodded and added their two cents, much to the delight of the two boys I had babysat four years ago and for the two other boys now sitting on each side of me.

  9. Then a young boy, maybe five or six, who was seated across from me disappears, having dropped a toy under the table. Within moments I felt hands around my feet and I flinched, moving them apart as I assumed he must be looking for his stupid toy.

    How was I to know that moments later the boy would remerge from under the table and then announce quite loudly to his mom while pointing to me, "That lady isn't wearing any underthingies."

    Suddenly, everyone at the table was looking at me, starring in disapproval.

    I stammered out something like, "Of course I am! How could you say that?" scolding the boy.

    The mom then looked at her son and told him "I think you owe her an apology."

    I prematurely breathed a sigh of relief because the next words out of his mouth were anything but an apology.

    "But she's not! She has a lot of hair between her legs, too. Just like Olivia," the boy added, pointing to a now stunned and quickly very blushing 15 year old girl (the boy's sister) who was now hiding her face as giggles abound around the table.

    The other woman who asserted she'd have spanked me too then spoke up, "Becky. You be ashamed of yourself. Not wearing any…"

    Cutting her off, I shouted, "But I am wearing…"

    "Then stand up and let's see," she challenged.

    "I'll do no such thing," I answered back.

    Then I felt a breeze where I shouldn't.

  10. The two darn boys sitting on each side of me simultaneously lifted up the sides and back of my skirt. Having been squirming uncomfortably for nearly an hour, I was no longer sitting on it and my bare bottom was firmly planted not on top of the back of my skirt but on the wooden bench.

    And now most of my backside was showing, along with my thighs!

    As even people seated behind me turned to get a look, I was too stunned to do anything as the giggles intensified.

    The now angry mom of the scolded boy smirked and said, "Well, it looks like YOU are the one who owes my SON an apology."

    I threw my hands down between my legs, keeping my skirt covering my pubes and began to mumble out an apology to the grinning young boy.

    The two boys next to me, not having been corrected for their outrageous behavior, were now feeling emboldened. The back of my skirt was up to mid-back and they were stretching up each side high enough to show side boob – thus making it evident I wasn't wearing a bra either.

    Of course if there was a doubt about the later, I made that clear when in desperation to protect my dignity I tried to swat their hands away and firmly yanked down on the sides of my dress. And with that, my nipples were now on display much to everyone's amusement.

    I gasped in humiliation and made the mistake of covering them with my fingers instead of trying to recover control of my dress.

    Because seconds later as I struggled to cross my feet over the bench in order to stand up and retreat from the humiliating ordeal, all it took was a quick tug on each side of my dress and now it was below my boobs.

    No doubt I looked ridiculous standing there, my elbow outstretched and only my fingertips covering my nipples, everything else on show as the boys now had lifted my dress in the front too.

    One of the men shouted, "Hey honey. Don't you ever mow the lawn?"

    Only then did it register in my mind that the spots my eyes were seeing were the camera phones flashing.

    I reach across my chest with my left hand, trying to cover my right nipple, thus leaving my left boob pretty much fully exposed, as I tried to reach around to my back with my right hand to try to pull my dress back down.

    That was in vain because the boys somehow twisted it in on itself at the back.

    As the laughter grew and more people walked over to see what was going on, I slowly back up, trying to cover my butt crack with my right hand and my boobs with my left arm and hand, the front of the dress hanging right about my mound.

    I ignored the several pinches to my butt cheeks and continued to back up knowing soon I'd have open space to run back to my mom's house.

  11. Ten minutes passed as I tried to best hide myself on the porch before the two boys who had basically stripped me were walking by with their mom and the other mom with the young boy and her daughter.

    Sure enough, they spotted me and walked up the walkway to the porch.

    Now I was being scolded for standing out there naked!

    I quickly explained I had no key but the scolding continued.

    In my embarrassed and not very bright state, the two woman convinced me it was better to not wait for my mom and instead walk across the street to one of their houses and wait there.

    Once inside, I was immediately scolded by one of the woman (the mom of the two boys) for my choice of attire for the day (that is, my dress and not wearing anything underneath it) and for yelling at her friend's son.

    She then said if she was my mom, she'd haul me over her knee and give me a good solid spanking.

    My mistake was responding, "Well thank goodness you're NOT my mom." But I said it in a sarcastic rather than agreeable, jokingly way.

    Next was "Get out!"

    "What? Nooo. I'm sorry," I pleaded.

    She looked at her friend, as the three boys and one girl watched, smirked and said, "Well, then you need to learn some manners first."

    She walked over to a wooden chair, pulled it over to the middle of the entry way and sat down. "Over here now," she demanded.

    When I hesitated, her friend opened the front door and pointed at me to leave.

    So, reluctantly, I cringed, would have swallowed my pride if I had an ounce of it left and slowly leaned over her lap.

    "Tell me you want a spanking to help teach you some manners," she said.

    My self-respect totally gone, I sniffled as I said, "I want you to please give me a spanking to teach me some manners."

    I gasped in resignation as I saw her friend had her camera phone up, no doubt a video would ensure I "asked" to be spanked if I ever complained.

    "Please don't show that to anyone," I asked.

    "So long as you don't deny you wanted me to discipline you," she replied.

    She added, "And you did want to be spanked like this, correct? Naked and in front of everyone – to teach you manners?"

    Again I cringed, but repeated, "Yes, I want you to teach me manners by spanking me naked in front of everyone."

    Her friend and the kids all laughed. And then it began.

    The first rapid swats were merely a warm-up I discovered.

    Some five minutes later my bottom was rosy red and I was ushered into a corner to remain on display (not that I felt like sitting) until the woman went upstairs and came down with a towel for me to wrap around myself and walk home.

    The other woman (of the boy and girl) whispered to me, "Dear, I do hope you are not so quite submissive to boyfriend."

    I protested and exclaimed that I was not a "submissive" woman.

    She just chuckled, cupped my bare bottom as I squealed in pain, and observed, "Then I guess you really DID need a spanking to help mind your manners."

    I nodded in agreement, feeling utterly ashamed.

    Later, when I got home, my mom saw me in the towel and said "What happened?"

    All I could muster was "Never mind" before scampering up to my bedroom and laying across the bed in the nude, butt up.

    Of course, I forgot how my younger brother always had that bad habit of bursting into my room without knocking. That was embarrassingly enough, but did he have to have had a friend over at the house that day?

  12. I found out months later that the woman who spanked me had a bit of a dominatrix habit. When I had so quickly agreed to a spanking in order to get my nakedness out of public view, she mistakenly thought I knew about her side occupation.

    When through her friend it became clear to her that I had absolutely no idea about her peculiarities, that I was only home for the summer from college, it made my spanking all the more humiliating and shameful. Because IT WAS INDEED a disciplinary spanking, since that is exactly how I viewed it to be.

    And of course to these two women in their thirties, you can imagine what they thought of me – at 21 and in college – so impertinent at first and then so utterly humbled once de-clothed and spanked like a little child.

  13. Instead, once I was clear of the tables I screamed as I feel backwards – right into a large tin tub of ice cold water and mostly melted ice cubes along with the few remaining cans of pop.

    All remaining dignity was now gone as I screamed, my legs fully apart, my hands trying to balance myself, my boobs now fully exposed.

    And who helps me to my feet and out of the freezing water? Any of the women there? No, they were all laughing and enjoying my shame along with everyone else.

    No, instead it was the two boys whom I had babysit four years earlier.

    They were now 14 and 16 and didn't hide the amused look on their face as my soaked dress settled down around my waist. They made no pretense that they didn't enjoy starring at my bare boobs, ice cold water rolling off them. Not to mention my now hardened nipples!

    The woman whose young boy had crawled out of the table yelled out, "Hey, anyone got a bar of soap?"

    Hoots and whistling followed that.

    Once I was on my feet, the two boys then very nonchalantly pulled my dress down completely, leaving me now totally bare. As I stood there, gazing a moment at each snickering person staring at me, one of the boys then gallantly removed his shirt.

    But before handing it to me, he yelled, "Mom."

    Sure enough, his mom had a camera phone in hand and the two grinning boys, firmly holding my arms down smiled as their mom said, "Say cheese!"

    There was laughter all around me as their mom then took a video as one boy firmly cupped and repeatedly tapped my bare bottom while the other reached around me and fondled my left boob and then brazenly pulled on my nipple until I yelped in pain as other neighbors took cell phone pics.

    Then the mom of the boy who had earlier correctly surmised that I wasn’t wearing any panties walked up to me. “Becky, what about now? Are you wearing any underwear?” she asked, as everyone laughed. When I didn’t immediately answer, she fondled both of my boobs as a friend of hers snapped away with a cell phone.

    “No, ma’am. I’m not,” I said, stating the obvious to more laughter.

    “I should turn you over my knee and give you a spanking for calling my son a liar, shouldn’t I?” she asked.

    “Yes, ma’am,” I answered meekly adding “But I hope you won’t.”

    Then after tugging on both my nipples, she gave me several sharp swats to my bottom and said “I’ll think about and let you know later.”

    Then the shirt was offered, which the boys only draped around my shoulders, essentially making sure my bush, boobs and bottom were still on full display as they walked me home after each of them gave me a couple sound swats on my bare bottom to everyone’s amusement.

    The occasional firm tap on my bare butt cheeks reminded me of who was in charge and when we got to my mom's front porch they walked off with the shirt in hand. A moment later is when I realized I might have been on my mom's front porch, but I was locked out.

    Where was she?

    Somehow, while I was going through all that embarrassment, she had left with that couple who wanted to show them their home remodeling project.

    Several years earlier, when I was still in high school, my reputation around the neighborhood was that I was a spoiled brat and a slut. Despite the shame that afternoon, however, I was now just a simple laughingstock. A nude one. But just a laughingstock.

  14. It's hard to imagine a more humiliating situation than to get stripped and spanked like that in front of younger kids that you babysat! Since those ladies were dominatrixes and have sexual proclivities that would turn them on as they spanked a sweet young girl like you, do you remember if the spanker got a little too personal during that spanking? Maybe an errant finger touched you where it should not have. Or if you resisted and kicked did she employ the boys to help out by holding your legs?

  15. If you had been my babysitter I would have invited all my friends over and ordered you to strip. Then I would have given them a lesson in the female anatomy as they sat watching while I demonstrated the differences in the female body to them. The longer hair, the voluptuous breasts, the curvaceous hips, and of course the naughty parts! Any resistance from you would have resulted in embarrassing spanking by me as all my friends watched and maybe participated.

  16. Becky, you are so strong and sexy! It makes me feel bad when get humiliated, stripped, and spanked. Although, I will say there is a bad part of me that gets excited when you are in danger. As much as I root for you to win there is another part of me that enjoys seeing you lose. That bad part of me enjoys seeing you get stripped naked in front of younger boys, spanked while they watch, and getting humiliated in other ways as those boys you embarrassed get to watch. I always wish the best for you but I'm embarrassed to say that I also get excited by you losing.

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