Parents Jailed for Forcing 12-Year Old Girl to Run Around Neighborhood in Just a Diaper as Punishment

Taking the “public shaming as discipline” trend to an all-time low are Minnesota mom Stephanie Broten and her boyfriend Darnell Landrum, who have been brought up on charges of malicious punishment of a child for shaving the head of a 12-year-old girl, and then forcing her to run sprints in public, wearing only a tank top and diaper.

The girl told police this was the third time she had been forced to do “diaper duty” as a punishment for bad grades.

Ms. Broten, 38, told police “she did not see what the problem was and that she was simply disciplining her child by embarrassing her,” an officer said in the complaint. The alleged incident took place on Monday in Fridley, a suburb of Minneapolis.

Reports vary on how many witnesses there were, but court documents allege that about 30 to 50 neighbors had gathered to watch the girl run back and forth on a local outdoor basketball court, the complaint said. One of her classmates called out to her, but Broten told him to leave her alone.


Someone asked, “if there were 30 to 50 onlookers (one report puts the number at as many as 100), including teenagers and adults, why the hell didn’t somebody step in?”

Why? I’ll tell you why.

Because a teenage girl (OK, 12) was outside in public for a prolonged period of time wearing nothing but a diaper as punishment. And MOST of those people, including as reported schoolmates of hers, very likely thought it hilarious and no doubt were probably taking cell phone pics of her shame.

Otherwise, as you wondered, why wasn’t EVERYONE calling 9-1-1.

It’s too bad the media didn’t interview all those people and ask them your question on camera. They should all be ashamed of themselves, but I doubt very much that they are.

Trust me. It’s mortifying enough for a girl to be seen wearing nothing but a diaper by just relatives at that age (it was at 13-years old for me). But to be out in the middle of the street? Yikes!

Author: Becky Romero

Midwest native Becky Romero finally coped with the many years of embarrassment, humiliation and shame by letting it all out into the open and talking about it. And she's no longer in denial that she often DID deserve, even well into her late twenties, many bare-bottom disciplinary spankings - no matter who was present and no matter the total exposure and shame she felt. Becky, now 32, is a college grad, single and lives with roommates. She is an interior decorator.

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  1. Becky wrote: "Trust me. It's mortifying enough for a girl to be seen wearing nothing but a diaper by just relatives at that age (OK, 13 years old for me). But to be out in the middle of the street? Yikes! "

    Well actually, Becky, you WERE out in the middle of the street wearing just a diaper as according to your story you were made to walk from the bathroom at the rest area to your car as traffic whizzed by on the highway. You were seen by several strangers on your walk. You were seen in your relative's front yard as you exited the van and stood out in the yard as introductions were made as cars went by.

    I think the only difference between you and the girl in the article above was that she was being PUNISHED while you found yourself in an innocent situation that couldn't be helped.

    You mentioned before that you had other such embarrassing "diaper incidents" happen to you including one at an amusement park. Would you be willing to share these recollections on this blog? I think it might be helpful.

    Thanks as always for all you do!


  2. No, I wasn't out in the middle of the street. I was at a rest stop, being walked from the restroom area to the car in just a diaper – yes, seen by a few strangers and photographed – but not out there for around an hour like that poor girl in Friday, MN.

    As for when arriving at our destination, we pulled into the driveway and I wasn't seen from the street. Unfortunately I was by basically all the guests.

    But I wouldn't trade the predicament I was in for that of the girl on diaper duty. No way!

  3. Oh I wouldn't suggest that anyone would want to be in that girl's predicament even for a moment. I was merely pointing out the similarities and differences between the two of you. As I said one was being punished, yours as a result of an unfortunate circumstance.

    Btw, any chance of hearing more about your amusement park "unfortunate circumstance?" The dynamics of what you have experienced is very educational and helps us get into the specifics of things that can happen – things that many of us have never nor will likely experience.

  4. My amusement park accident happened about two months before my diapering at my stepdad's sister's in-laws house.

    This incident took place when I had to stay at my stepdad's brother's house. His brother and the two teenage boys were out of town, but Nicole took me and her two daughters (both girls are younger than me) to an amusement park for the day.

    After a long wait for a roller coaster ride, I peed myself. Totally my fault. I was afraid that if I asked to go to the restroom she'd skip the ride because the line was rather long. I tried to hide the fact I had from her, but before I got the chance to go to a restroom after we got off the ride she saw my shorts were all wet.

    Quite annoyed at me and calling me a "big baby", Nicole headed first to the nearest souvenir shop to buy a long t-shirt. Then she marched me into a nearby restroom and had me strip from the waist down. Her daughters giggled as I embarrassingly began to comply and were snickering even more so when a woman brought her two young school aged boys into the restroom and had them stand there by the sinks while she went into one of the stalls with her young daughter.

    The boys of course never took their eyes off me as first I pulled down my shorts and then Nicole pulled down my panties when I hesitated, too embarrassed to do so myself. Both garments went into a nearby trash can – all the while I Was facing the smirking boys.

    She then told me to grab some hand towel so she could wet them and clean me up.

    Telling me to hurry up, I said there are none. Sure enough, the container with the paper hand towels was empty.

    I had on a black bralette and a purple camisole top. I was told to take off my top as Nicole went into an empty stall and came out with a handful of toilet seat covers which she soaked in water at the sink.

    The boys were grinning ear to ear as I stood now in just a small black bralette and sandals, blushingly covering my wispy pubes, my bare butt clearly visible to them in the mirror behind me. But now Nicole was ready to clean me up so up went my hands, my modesty gone!

    But because I had really peed myself badly, my legs needed washed too. Off went my sandals and I was now mortified as I outstretched each leg, bracing my balance on the sink with my hands, as my legs were cleaned up. Not satisfied that I was clean, she started all over again, this time with soap.

    At this point, basically as wet from the waist down as if I had just gotten out of a bathtub full of water, the woman exited the stall with her young daughter, who giggled at the sight of me which only made the boys laugh as they told their mom, "This big girl peed all over herself."

    The woman looked me up and down, grinned, then nodded at my stepdad's sister-in-law approvingly. Nicole then proceeded to tell this total stranger how I frequently had accidents (so not true) and that she's sorry she hadn't brought a diaper with her.

    By this point I wasn't even bothering to cover up, the boys freely watching the show. Sure, they were only 6 or 7 years old, 8 at the most. But I wasn't all that much older than them. After a good soaping and then more wiping with wet toiler seat covers, Nicole grabbed the only thing available to dry me off – my camisole top!

    At least when she was done she tossed it in a plastic bag instead of the trash and stuffed it in her large carry bag.

  5. But it was now clear the long tshirt was what I'd have to wear the rest of the day. It was much more tight on me than I preferred and I complained my black bralette was too visible through it. As the woman in there with us said, "Guess there's only one way to solve that."

    So, yes, Nicole nodded and "solved" the problem. Peeling the tshirt up over my head, she unclasped my bralette and stuffed it into the carry bag.

    Then, as I stood there denuded facing the boys with my head still covered by the tshirt, I slowly pulled it down to cover my boobs and face their smirking faces. I pulled it down the rest of the way only to find it just BARELY covered both my pubes and my butt cheeks. Although for the better part of the next two hours I'd constantly be tugged at it.

    After leaving the restroom within thirty minutes I had already humiliated myself when I quickly bent over to pick up my fallen sunglasses. As I heard several "woahs!" from behind me, I looked back only to see a group of teenage boys who soon began laughing when they saw my reddened face. Thank goodness this was before camera phones!

    But the day was still relatively young.

    A water ride was next and I begged off, knowing what would happen if I got drenched in nothing but a thin tshirt. But Nicole insisted I go on it with her daughters because she herself didn't want to get soaked.

    Of course, I did indeed get totally drenched. Not only had I been a defacto wet t-shirt contest contestant but the seat of the ride soaked the lower half of the tshirt, which was now clinging to my wet butt cheeks. Totally humiliated, when I stepped up out of the ride the gasps from those nearby told me I had just flashed everyone with my leg up. As I rushed out with the two girls in tow, I could hear the snickering all around me. The coup de grâce was when in my haste to avoid the laughter as we exited the ride area I slipped and fell backwards on my bare, my BARE butt! The tshirt had totally ridden up above my waist. I could do nothing but throw my hands down in front of myself to cover down below as Nicole looked on disapprovingly.

    Once I regain my footing, I heard the dreaded "Can we go on again?" from the two girls.

    Getting no sympathy from their mom, by the time I exited this time I might as well been naked, my tshirt was soaked to the skin all around.

    I wanted to then sit knees to my boobs on a nearby bench and bury my face, but Nicole insisted we "walk around" in the sun, so I'll dry out sooner. Of course that walking around meant I was constantly tugging down at my tshirt between keeping my arms over my boobs.

    When we then stopped to eat lunch, I was given a bit of a reprieve from greater embarrassment.

    Then it was back to rides, thankfully no more of the H20 variety.

    Sitting in the front row of most of the rides was still problematic as older teenage male operators took advantage of my predicament to get a good long look and do things like check my safety belt. A few rides were such there was no way I could close my legs tight, and so I tried to keep the shame from my face but was largely unsuccessful.

    But for the most part I avoided any major malfunction with my only piece of clothing for the rest of the day. For the most part.

    I got diapered as soon as we got back to the house. I didn't have a change of clothes, so I stayed in just the diaper and t-shirt. The girls and I were later playing a board game that night when we were having so much fun, I started laughing uncontrollably at one point and peed myself.

    Nicole changed me right then and I wasn't laughing anymore. This was just before bedtime and I remained in the diaper throughout the night until I went home the following morning. I was quite embarrassed but, again, fortunately her husband and the boys were out of town, so it wasn't that big a deal.

    No doubt my accidents that day only reinforced in Nicole's mind why I needed to be diapered at the family get together two months later.

  6. Thank you, thank you. THANK YOU! I've been wanting to read of this experience of yours ever since you first alluded to it in a comment you made in your Diapering story. You have been most kind in accommodating my request. I'm sure many others will be as pleased as I have been when the find your account above.

    If I grow not tiresome I must say this concept of public humiliation is so bizarre I find myself fascinated. This must have been so embarrassing for you it's no wonder your recollections are so vivid as I'm sure these memories made an indelible impression on you lasting a lifetime. Still I can understand the "necessity" of at least dong something and the solutions in both cases seemed logical, albeit humiliating.

    You mentioned in other posts that you witnessed other friends/acquaintances that were forced to endure public diaper punishment as well. Where these at the hands of Nicole or was this pubic shaming a common occurrence back in the day?

    Just curious.
    Thanks again.

  7. She just didn't give a damn about my modesty and embarrassment.

    And of course naturally she had no sympathy for me the rest of the day as I suffered humiliating moments of exposure on the rides and while walking around – and even when I needed to use the bathroom! Thank goodness her sons weren't with us, who were a couple years older than me.

    At lunch time I needed to pee and the first restroom we found was a single-use one. I went in, locked the door but before I even got on the toilet, she knocked and said the girls needed to wash their hands. Really? Can't they wait? But she wanted to go in line for the food.

    Single-use of course means no stall door! So one of the girls came in while I went to sit down to pee. I'm on the toilet, my tshirt pulled up of course and with the door now unlocked, Nicole swings it wide open to let her other daughter in, then holds it open talking to them – WHILE I AM SITTING THERE PEEING – in full view of people standing around to do their business once I finished. Of course there were a couple boys and some grown men, too. All snickering at me. Literally no more than 10-15 feet away!

    Finally, I yelled, "Would you close the frigging door already?"

    That got me a, "You better watch your mouth, young lady. I have no problem with putting you over my knee and teaching you some manners!"

    Only then, as her two daughters exited, did she let go of the door and let it close.

    But not before some guy shouted in, "Hey, missy. Would you hurry up? You're not the only one who needs to take a piss."

    He was poking his head around Nicole, looking at me, standing there with his I assume young son.

    Humiliated, once the door closed, I finished, quickly washed my hands and held my head down as I walked out and pass perhaps 5 or 6 people who were snickering and giggling.

    One of my girlfriends got the diaper punishment treatment by her stepmom when we were both 12.

    They got into a big argument about something and her stepmom accused her of acting like a baby and said something like "If you're going to behave like a baby you're going to be treated like one."

    She made her undress and then diapered her. She had to use the diaper, too. It lasted a whole day over a weekend. Melanie was pretty upset when school resumed on Monday. It took her a couple days before she could even talk about.

  8. Just so you understand, I'm not saying she was wrong to clean me up. Yes, I was about four months away from turning 14. I could have certainly managed myself. But the bottom line was that I was four months away from turning 14 and had just peed myself. Hardly an indication of my age, in her eyes and probably in that of most people reading this.

    Obviously clothing options were limited. Keeping my panties or shorts on was out of the question. And the only thing available for sale were basically tshirts, etc.

    I'll even concede on the point that it wasn't her fault that woman brought her sons into the ladies room.

    But would it have killed her to wait until they left before making me get undressed? (Granted, they might as well just have walked in while I was undressed.)

    And the chit-chatting! Me, standing there half-naked in just a small, revealing bralette in front of two boys who were total strangers and only about 5 or 6 years younger than me. Not toddlers or pre-schoolers, but boys who were certainly in grade school.

    And she's telling these total strangers about my recent accidents, including that she wished she had diapers with her. Noting that she had diapered me not that long ago. I'm just cringing in embarrassment. And since she was cleaning me up while talking, I had to keep me hands up on my head, out of her way pretty much the whole time.

    Then they started talking about where we were all from and then – gasp – formal introductions! The woman asked me about my school, noting she had friends whose kid attended their too. Turned out a boy in one grade below mine! Turned out the parents were mutual friends of hers and Nicole's. So I knew I'd be the topic on conversation around the table of theirs for sure.

    I was about to complete 7th grade – and now I'd have more ridicule directed at me. (Turned out it wasn't too bad, merely some teasing that with the help of my girlfriends I handled just fine).

    But what I thought was most unfair was my bralette was removed – right in front of those boys and their mom. Sure, I had complained about it showing thru the thin newly-purchased tshirt too much, unlike my own clothes.

    But after all the chit-chatting between them, I guess the woman felt comfortable enough to suggest my bralette come off since I complained. True, giving the options, I would have even preferred that. Except I wouldn't have wanted those boys to see me topless, nor would I have gone on the water ride even once, let alone twice.

    But that's just how she was – and there really wasn't anything I could about it.

  9. That must have been quite shocking seeing all those people just outside the restroom looking at you as Nicole held open the door! Part of me suspects Nicole may not have realized what she was doing and was just supervising the boys making sure they didn’t get into mischief, but part of me (the more rational part) really believes that wasn’t the case.

    From what you have said in previous posts about Nicole going back to your experiences in first grade all the way to your “Whole Family Sees Teenage Girl Diapered “ experience I believe Nicole really enjoyed (enjoys) embarrassing you on purpose. When you were lying naked on the blanket after Pamela was called away by another guest, it seems to me that Nicole didn’t hesitate to ratchet up the humiliation by asking you in front of all the other guests how many times you peed yourself that day. Surely she MUST have known how embarrassing it was for you don’t you think? Of course she COULD have just been curious but I doubt it.

    I also suspect that this desire on her part must have developed over time – that is to say, there must have been other experiences with you that she was involved in and had a chance to take advantage of you that fostered this desire. Is that true? Have there been other unreported encounters that you had with Nicole that might give additional insight into her behavior? I rather believe there are incidents that you have not shared that might shed some light on this. Come on Becky. It might be therapeutic to share.

    Perhaps you got her upset about something in the past – an argument perhaps – that has fostered some kind of resentment or jealousy towards you. If not, does Nicole have any children of her own and have you observed her doing things like this to her own kids that might have served as a warning to you if you were attentive enough at the time to pick up on it?

  10. I don't think she was purposely holding the door open so that people could watch me peeing. I think she was holding it open to watch her daughters and make them hurry up. But in the process embarrassing me because she really didn't care about my modesty.

    She's embarrassed me numerous times in front of other people about accidents that I had had, telling all the details as matter-of-factly as if she were giving someone a recipe.

    Nicole has two sons older than me and two daughters younger than me. I don't know if she ever spanked the boys. She did spank the girls when they were young.

    As for diapers, not so far as I know. Then again, if they didn't have accidents at the ages I did there would be no need. She didn't use diapering as a punishment.

    But I am certain if she had her way at the family gathering, I'd have been wearing nothing but a diaper for longer than I was that day.

  11. Speaking of wearing a diaper longer that day if Nicole had her way, during that time when you were in the diaper waiting to leave (before you were changed back into your dress) did Nicole take advantage of the situation by embarrassing you further to other guests or there children by mentioning your history of accidents or otherwise verbally making remarks about you to others that hadn't heard earlier conversations? if she did I think that would support my contention that she liked seeing you embarrassed.

  12. Yes, she did but of course she basically did so in answering questions as to why a girl my age was wearing a diaper. And after she blabbered all about my accidents, other guests agreed with her that I needed to be in a diaper, especially in the car on the way home.

    I mean I guess it would have been understandable for her to say how Pamela had diapered me because I had the accidents in the car and nothing else to wear until we got to the party. But she went on and on, including about how she had to diaper me numerous times since I started school. That's what made it all the more embarrassing.

  13. One more query if I'm not wearing out my welcome, but did you run into any of the guests or teens at the family gathering that witnessed your diapering days, months or weeks later and if you did, did they mention it or kid you about it? I imagine at that age family members might be so inclined to have some good-natured ribbing at your expense. If that happened, did it upset you or leave any lasting scars that linger to this day or did you handle it all in stride? Usually when some of the things that happened to you occur in life, it is quite common for the person on the receiving end to eroticize the experience later in life in order to deal with it. Have you used that coping mechanism to make the memories easier or have you employed another method – like this blog (or journaling your thoughts)?

    Thanks for putting up with me and for answering my questions and most especially for this wonderful blog.

  14. I don't think I handled it all in stride. Just took time for the wounds to heal and their is still lingering resentment. And for years I had difficulty talking about my shame openly except with my closest friends. But in recent years I have found it therapeutic to be much more open about it.

    Yes, for years I occasionally still ran into people who had seen me either in nothing but a diaper (or less) that day. And some adults I would just be introduced to wouldn't seem to care if I overheard them asking Niccole or Pamela, "Is that the girl who still wears diapers?", even though that wasn't the case but it was how they interpreted or remembered the gossip they were told.

    Obviously, Nicole's and Pamela's families. But also some of their mutual friends.

    I don't know what is "good-natured" about blabbering how a nearly 14-year old girl needed to be repeated diapered at a family gathering because she "kept peeing herself" – when she's 16 and obviously humiliated by everyone's snickering at her expense.

    But that's what Nicole did to me time and time again. And Pamela, too, at times didn't hesitate in causing me embarrassment in front of others.

    Naturally, the most embarrassing times would be when they "checked" me after having "suspicions" that I had an accident (for example, one time after Pamela's boys spilled a cup of water on me when I was 15).

    And for about a year after that day Nicole did it on a routine basis any time she was "in charge" of me for a day.

    But also by that time the arguments I was having with my stepdad were getting worse and his sister and sister-in-law weren't pleased with my "attitude", so embarrassing me and chastising me in front of others and treating me like a much younger child was perhaps their way of emphasizing the point.

  15. Whoa! Nicole did it on a routine basis any time she was in charge of you for a day?! What did she do exactly? Did she just pull you aside privately and ask you if you had an accident in an attempt to embarrass you or was this more of a public humiliation. Just "how" did she check you? Surely she wasn't so bold as to do this in front of others, did she? Surely not when you were 15 or 16? Didn't she realize that you were to old to be treated like that?

  16. Nicole cared nothing about my embarrassment or my modesty. She had diapered and stripped me in front of others when I was younger and I'm sure if during those times when she checked me if she felt I needed to be diapered again she would have done so.

    I don't think she was doing it to specifically embarrass me. She just didn't care that I was obviously embarrassed when I was checked in front of others (which naturally included an explanation why she was doing so). On the other hand, she never checked her own daughters. (Although, granted, perhaps they didn't have some embarrassing accidents that gave Nicole the perfect excuse for checking me.)

    But for the most part this only occurred after long care rides with her or a long stay at their place. Not if I was just happened to be over at their house for an hour or two.

    But if I had to spend the night, she checked me before bed with the warning if my panties were wet, I'd be in a diaper all night. Thankfully that did not happen and I somehow escaped the embarrassment of being checked in front of her husband (my stepdad's brother) or their two teenage sons.

    But when I was 16 my stepdad spanked my bare bottom in front of them both (his brother and sister-in-law).

    By that time Nicole was increasingly irritated by what she perceived to be my "bad attitude." The embarrassing admonishments that I needed a good spanking became commonplace when I was around her.

    They had some neighbors who I had been embarrassed in front of before by her. A girl one grade below me, and two brothers – a boy in my younger brother's class who was nearly three years younger than me and his younger brother two grades below that.

    All three were present one day after we had a half-day at school when after I had been ordered to strip down to nothing but my panties while keeping an eye on Nicole's two young daughters in the pool – this when I was in 5th grade and 11-years-old.

    They weren't there initially but dropped by later, so you can imagine my shock and shame when I heard giggling behind me and turned to see the girl and two boys – all in our school's uniforms – standing there.

    I wanted to run into the house but Nicole wouldn't let me. For nearly an hour I had to still essentially babysitter her two young daughters in the presence of three kids from my school (two of them boys) in nothing but a soaking wet pair of nearly transparent white cotton panties.

    But that wasn't all. Nicole made lunch for all of us and we were to sit at a picnic table on the porch. I wanted to run inside to get dressed. But she said I needed to shower off the chlorine first – standing at the outdoor shower spigot alongside the patio – sans panties!

    She said she had just waxed the floors inside and that I could dress later but might as well shower now since I'd be going home soon.

    As I was going, "But… but…" she reached into the waistband of my panties and pulled them down – as the three kids from my school stood there grinning, watching an older student stripped naked before their eyes.

  17. Then, after a few moments, when I stood there trying to cover my nudity, she gave me a sharp slap to my bare bottom to prod me over to the shower spigot.) I don't think of it as a spanking per se, but I won't argue the point.) I was facing the boys, making eye contact the moment I yelped, the shame soon evident on my face. I turned around away from them but didn't move fast enough, getting another slap across my bare bottom, "Now hurry up and shower, Becky."

    I was still cowering against the wall covering up in embarrassment, showing only my bare bottom, when she had enough and told me to turn around and start rising my hair and the rest of myself off or she'd put me over her knee.

    So, slowly, I did so, closing my eyes when I forced myself to pull both hands and arms away from my body and up over my head. I could hear the snickering from all 5 kids, who were only about 15 feet away.

    Once I turned the water off, she handed me a small towel and told me to dry off. Irritated that I was content to primarily use the towel to cover my nudity, she instead called me to wear she was sitting (a boy on each side of her). Grabbing the towel as I faced her, she started using it to dry my hair, then my body, occasionally pulling my arms away from myself (and with another quick sharp slap to my bare bottom and again 20 so or seconds later) until I gave up trying to cover my nakedness, the boys getting an unobstructive view for a good couple of minutes from a few feet away.

    When I was dried off (she had also spun me around so the boys got a good look at my bare bottom too), she told me to sit down on the other side of the table to eat. I wanted to get dressed but she said, "You can dress after you eat. Your breasts aren't developed enough to worry about hiding them."

    That drew snickers from the boys, who would repeat that to other kids at school.

    Then pulling the towel off me (I was wrapping it around my breasts, figuring the table would hide me down below), she wrapped it around my waist – where it would do no good once I sat down.

    Leaving me to my fate, she went inside and I had to eat sitting across the table from the two grinning and giggling boys who enjoyed starring at my bare chest and budding boobs the whole time I sat there. The three girls weren't sympathetic either!

    About an hour later, my stepdad arrived to pick me up. By that time, I was back in my school uniform (sans panties). The following Monday at school, other boys in my kid brother's class came up at recess to tease me.

    Even a giggling first grade boy walked up to me in the presence of a couple boys from my class to ask me, "Are you the girl who Reid saw naked the other day?"

    The redness on my face answered the question, as the giggles commenced around me.

    Little did I know at the time that when I was a teenager, I would be asked by the parents of the two boys to babysit them.

    They remembered that day, of course, but one day when I was 17, Nicole gave them a newer memory they wouldn't forget.

  18. Wow . . . what a dreadful experience! I can only imagine what you must have been feeling that day!

    I do have a couple of questions about what you wrote. First, you said, "I had been ordered to strip down to nothing but my panties while keeping an eye on Nicole's two young daughters in the pool – " What led up to Nicole ordering you to do that? I mean did you do something horrid that you were being punished for or did you spill something on yourself – or worse, did Nicole just think you being in just your white panties was appropriate swimming attire given your lack of development at that age?

    Second, you said Nicole left and went inside leaving you to your fate . . . and the girls weren't sympathetic either. It has always been my experience that women in general are always more cruel to their own kind than they are to boys. I can only imagine what those girls might have said or worse DONE to you as you sat there at the table practically naked in front of your classmates. Wad that true in your case? What exactly did you mean by "The three girls weren't sympathetic either?'

    Lastly, you wrote: "when I was 17, Nicole gave them a newer memory they wouldn't forget." Oh please don't leave us hanging like this. You just HAVE to tell us what happened – take your time and collect your thoughts and then post what happened . . . PLEASE!!!

  19. Nicole felt that's all I needed to wear while watching the girls in the pool – just my panties.

    Since the boys were giggling and snickering and teasing me, the girls sort of just laughed along with them. They thought it was funny.

    In the fall of 2002, not long after I turned 17 and during that horrible period while my stepdad was regularly spanking me, Nicole shamed me one last time.

    I had joined a yoga club and one weekend when my stepdad had "visitation" rights with my younger brother and I, he drove to our high school on a Friday afternoon to pick us up. He has the patience of a two-year old so when I was running late I didn't bother to change and rushed out still in my leotard. I tossed my school bag and my gym bag with my clothes in the back and got in the van. My younger brother was right behind me.

    I was a little ticked to find that one of my brother's friends, Curtis, was already in the van. Worse, although I started arguing with my brother, my stepdad told me to get in and I wound up between the two boys – not a pleasant situation given my attire (I wasn't wearing anything under the leotard).

    It was at that point I learned I was going to be dropped off at Nicole's while my stepdad took my brother and Curtis (who was also a freshman, like my brother, at my high school) to a sports event.

    From after school and during yoga class I had been guzzling water. At this point, I ALREADY needed to pee, but Nicole's house wasn't far away.

    But instead of going straight to Nicole's, he pulls into a Hardee's to get everyone something to eat. After about 20 minutes in the slow-paced drive-thru he gives up, drives out and decides to send me inside with my brother to get the food and drinks.

    At this point I'm thinking great. I'll use the restrooms, except I see a guy with a mop with the doors open to both the women's and men's restroom. Damn. OK. No big deal; I can manage a short wait.

    Naturally, I got some stares from guys given my outfit. It also probably didn't help that that particular cotton leotard was in a nude skintone color and I hadn't worn it nearly two years so it was a bit tight. It also had a low V-neck front with an open back. I was quite self-conscience of the stares as I stood in line.

    Anyway, we get the food back to the van and naturally my stepdad starts complaining about lack of napkins, ketchup, etc., meaning another trip back inside.

    Then, instead of driving straight to Nicole's, he stops on a residential street so everyone can eat. More so because HE was fucking hungry.

    I was squirming a bit and my brother noticed but he just smirked and didn't say anything. Like the boys, I ate and finished my large soda.

    It was still another half-hour to Nicole's and we hit traffic. By now I was noticeably uncomfortable and my brother knew it and gave me a tickling squeeze to my right side. I could have killed him, because I knew if he did it again I might burst. Fortunately, Matt didn't but by now his friend Curtis knew that I needed to pee badly too and he gave me a 'knowing' smirk that made me blush.

    An hour after leaving Hardee's we finally got to Nicole's and I knew I'd need to run to the bathroom first thing.

    I practically ran to the front door only to forget too late that I had left my school and gym back in the van – my stepdad was already driving off.

    OK, so I'm going to have to stay in my leotard. Not that big of a deal, knowing that Nicole's two sons are away at college and her husband (my stepdad's brother) was working that afternoon/evening.

    But fate still struck me a blow when I rushed into the house to find Reid and his older brother, Spencer (the boy who was in my brother's 9th grade class), sitting in the family room.

  20. I had infrequently babysat both boys in the past two years, Spencer being nearly three years younger than me and Reid a couple years younger than his brother. They'd have been 14 and 12 at this point.

    (To my chagrin I'd also be babysitting them less than two weeks later.)

    One of Nicole's girls was sitting there doing homework. The other one? In the bathroom.

    And then the other shoe hit. Nicole and her husband were in the midst of a remodel and the upstairs bathroom was unavailable.

    I waited patiently for her daughter to come out for a good ten minute before Nicole noticed I needed to pee. She even asked me if I needed to, leading me to blush as I answered in the affirmative in front of the boys.

    Her reply brought shocks on the look of both boys' faces before some giggling once Nicole walked out of the room: "Well, do going peeing yourself again, Becky. I don't want to have to get the diapers out…" before adding after a pause, "…again."

    "You wear diapers?" Reid asked me incredulously.

    "Of course not," I snapped at him, and that seemed to settle it, the boys apparently figuring Nicole was joking.

    Until, that is, the girl spoke up.

    "Yeah, my mom's had to diaper Becky a whole bunch of times," she informed them.

    I tried to hush her too late and then she added, "Just a couple years ago she wet herself at a party and my mom had to change her diaper…"

    "Will you stop?" I pleaded. "They don't need to know that."

    By now the boys were giggling and snickering, Reid looking down at my crotch and saying "Well, it doesn't look like Becky's wearing a diaper."

    Spencer happily confirmed that with his own observation, "Yeah. It doesn't look like she's wearing anything."

    Then, he pointed, his index finger grazing up against my thigh, "See? You can see her…"

    "Would you shut up?" I shouted, resulting in a "What's going on in there?" from Nicole a few rooms away.

    Then, as I walked to the hallway to see if the other girl was out of the bathroom yet (no luck) and back to the family room, the boys were hearing all the details of my earlier embarrassments.

    For the next 10-15 minutes, I paced, sat, stood and soon started to do the pee dance.

    And then I stood there in desperation, squeezing my legs and thighs together in vain as all three kids began to laugh at my predicament and humiliation.

    Nicole's daughter soon shouted out, "Hey, mom! Better get the diapers. Becky's peeing herself again."

  21. OMG!!!! You didn't? Not in front of everyone! How terrible for you. I can only imagine what you must have been feeling – talk about being made to feel like a little girl again . . . oh my!

    So . . . what happened next? Surely Nicole didn't embarrass you further in front of the boys did she? She wasn't serious about diapering you at that age, was she?

  22. Oh, yes. She was dead serious about diapering me. She told her daughter to go get the box of diapers from the closet and, after leaving the room for a minute, Nicole returned with a baby blanket and laid it on the floor.

    I started to cry, pleading that it wasn't my fault. Trying to explain everything.

    She belittled me, saying if I was going to pee myself like a baby I needed to be diapered like one. The boys were already giggling and awaiting to see what would happen next.

    What happened next was that my leotard had to come off. Right in front of the boys!

    I begged, pleaded, cried. "No, please don't let them see me naked."

    All to no avail. Once it was down to my waist she pointed to the floor. I was trying to cover my boobs but really it was too late anyway since she exposed me as I faced the boys.

    I was admittedly pretty whiny about it all. Trying to blame her other daughter for being in the bathroom so long.

    At that point, with my leotard at my waist, she thought about it and offered a hint that she believed me, "She's still in the bathroom? All this time?"

    With that she yelled to her other daughter to tell her sister to hurry up in case anyone else needed to use the bathroom.

    Then, she pointed to the floor again.

    "But it doesn't change the fact you need changing, Becky."

    Then, after I resigned myself to my fate, I sat down on the blanket, my hands on the floor balancing me up before she gently pushed me down on my back and pulled my leotard down from my waist and off completely.

    The boys gasped and giggled and I cried again, "Tell them not to look. They're looking at me."

    But she added to my misery by saying, "I'm sure they know what a girl looks like by now, don't you boys?"

  23. They were grinning from ear to ear and nodding their heads. Of course they had seen ME naked before. But now I was 17!

    And they hadn't gotten the view before they were about to now.

    Nicole pushed open my legs and grabbed a couple baby wipes.

    Then her daughter returned, smirking, with the bag of diapers but added "Mom, there aren't any left."

    Nicole left for a moment to go check the closet and then it happened. It had been better had I just continued peeing myself when I still had my leotard on but I still needed to pee more and with the boys looking right down at me I did.

    I was positively mortified. Nicole returned seeing me, too. She quickly admonished me, much to the amusement of the boys and her daughter.

    Then, as she wiped and cleaned me up, she started recalling several past incidents.

    All I could think of was that Spencer would soon be blabbing all about this at our high school.

    Then, Nicole gave up trying to clean me up and sent me outside to shower off.

    Once back inside, she dried me off then left me for several minutes cringing in humiliation with the boys until she returned with a pair of her daughter's panties.

    Given that the girl was still in middle school, they only covered half of my butt and were dreadfully tight in the crotch, not leaving much to the imagination. She gave me a cropped t-shirt to cover my boobs with, adding that if she had any diapers left I'd be wearing one. Adding to my shame was that she said she only kept the bag of them on hand in case I needed to be diapered.

    For the next couple hours I sat there in the family room as miserable as I could be – given the teasing from the boys.

    When the doorbell rang it dawned on me – I didn't have any clean clothes to put on!

    In walked my younger brother and he started laughing at the sight of me in a pair of small, tight panties and a cropped t-shirt. I told him to shut up, but of course the two boys were only too happy to tell him what had happened.

    Before I left to run to the minivan, I begged and pleaded with Spencer to please not tell anyone at school what had happened. He just grinned and grinned.

    "Please. I'll do anything! Just please don't tell anyone," I begged.

    With that, he said "Let me see your boobs again."

    With no one else in the room at that moment, despite my simmering anger, I did as I was told, lifting up the cropped t-shirt for a few seconds.

    Then he added, "Now the lower half."

    Again, I reluctantly complied.

    He remarked, "Do you always shave it smooth?"

    I blushed ten shades of read and mumbled out, "Sometimes. O.K., now you promise you won't say anything?"

    I stood there dumbfounded when all I got back was a, "I'll think about it."

    I heard Nicole heading towards the room, so I quickly pulled up my panties, such as they were.

    But as I quickly trotted out to my stepdad's minivan with my younger brother giggling behind me I would find out the night was still young.

  24. "Adding to my shame was that she said she only kept the bag of them on hand in case I needed to be diapered."

    You mean Nicole purposely kept a small supply of diapers for YOU, and only YOU just in case . . .?! It's almost as if she was hoping you'd have another accident so she could embarrass you yet again and BOY did she do a good job this time!!

    I hate to admit it but I would have loved to see her face as she discovered you had wet yourself in your leotard. I'll bet her expression was one of elation. Is that how you remembered it or were you to busy dealing with your situation to notice.

    "Once back inside, she dried me off then left me for several minutes cringing in humiliation with the boys until she returned with a pair of her daughter's panties." When she left, how long were you naked in front of the boys – a minute or two or did she draw her absence out for some time?

    During that time did the boys tease you verbally making your embarrassment worse or were they stunned by what was happening?

    Based on your last sentence: "But as I quickly trotted out to my stepdad's minivan with my younger brother giggling behind me I would find out the night was still young," I'm guessing based on what you've written about your stepdad that you were in for much more humiliation that night. I'll confess I am most eager to hear all the details . Sorry – that sounds cruel but I am only trying to imagine what you must have had to deal with. You have such a great writing style I can almost imagine myself being a witness to all of this as you usually include such great descriptions of what was going on.

    I can hear you now . . . "That's all I need, another witness!"

    Sorry again.

  25. I just discovered this topic and I must say this is like the best thread ever! Becky you just gotta finish telling us what happened when your step dad came back. You just gotta! You write so well that I can just picture everything you know? Please don't keep us hanging

  26. Becky, PLEASE tell me that you haven't decided against telling us the rest of what happened that day with your step-father. I hope you have just gotten busy with real life and haven't had the time. In any case I am still looking forward to finding out what happened.

  27. Is the reason you've not posted a continuation because the memory is too painful? If so, I apologize for asking you to continue. If not, I hope you get a chance to go on with your recollection.

  28. If I were your stepfather I would have certainly grown tired of your antics by now and punished you for it. I mean really, wetting yourself at your age. Surely he would have seen that traditional methods haven't worked and may have to opt for some shaming to get the point across. I've always found that effective. Teens are most concerned about their image especially in front of peers. Threatening to take them down a peg publically works wonders but I doubt that your stepdad would have had the courage to do that.

    Ms. Romero, you really need to continue this recollection. I am really interested to see how things played out. Most instructive indeed.

  29. That was the worse of it. Naked and peeing myself in front of a boy two grades below me at my high school – and nearly put into a diaper in front of him. If he said anything to his friends, my reputation would be in tatters. All I could do was hope he was still "thinking about" keeping quiet until I could see him again and plead, beg and grovel for him to keep his lips sealed.

    However, the night was still young and more embarrassment for me was to come.

    First of all, Nicole didn't wash my clothes so when my stepdad (who was already sitting on the horn) arrived to pick me up, I was forced to hurry out to the van in just those small, tight pair of borrowed panties and the small cropped t-shirt.

    So imagine my horror when sitting in the back of the van was Curtis (my younger brother's friend who was another 9th grade boy at my high school).My stepdad hadn't dropped him off at his house yet.

    With Terri (my stepdad's new-found girl friend sitting up front), I was told to sit in the back with the boys. I sure didn't want to sit next to Curtis given my state of attire so I suggested hurriedly among the snickering from him and my brother that he get out and let my brother sit between us so he'd be on the end to get out when we dropped him off.

    Curtis started to get out as my brother get haranguing me to get in the van. I started arguing with Matt and then of course my stepdad yelled at ME to get in the van. Blushing badly, I sat next to a grinning Curtis who re-buckled his seat belt as I slide over next to him and then my brother got in to my right and buckled his seat belt.

    About ten minutes (that seemed like ten hours!) later we arrived at Curtis' house. Curtis had called his parents on the way to say he would be home shortly so they would open the front door.

    Matt got out and I was next to get up as we both had to exit the van to let Curtis out. I wanted to get up and back in as fast as I could, since I sure didn't want to be standing out on the sidewalk in a pair of small and awfully tight panties.

    Irony gave me my wish – in a cruel way.

    When I quickly slide across the seat to get up, I heard a ripping sound. As I stood halfways up and slightly bent over, my butt facing Curtis, I quickly realized what had happened. The panties tore clear through on my left hip, caught in the grip of Curtis' still buckled seat belt. The pressure of my movement carried the torn garment with my body until it fell off, dropping outside the van and alongside the curb.

    I screamed as I heard Curtis let out a "Wow!" and quickly threw my hands behind myself, letting my brother grin at my frontal bottomlessness. I was soon jumping out of the van, but in my haste to grab my borrowed panties I succeeded only in accidentally kicking them UNDER the van.

    In the darkness I tried to find them stooping down on my hands and knees, unwittingly giving quite a view from the rear to not only my brother and Curtis, but also to Curtis' parents who had opened the door and were standing outside.

    In my desperation to retrieve the panties I of course wasn't thinking straight. Terri then yelled at me, "Get in the van, Becky! Do you want the whole neighborhood to see your bare ass?"

    By this time, Curtis parents had walked over and getting up I unwittingly turned facing them without realizing they were there. Curtis was grinning widely and said, "Nice!"

    Humiliated, I jumped in the van and put my hands over my face in shame.

    In a few minutes we were on the way to the place my stepdad had rented since he moved out.

    The night was still young…

  30. OMG!!! I can only imagine what was going through your mind as you sat there bottomless on your way to the place your stepdad rented. I wonder what Curtis parents thought of seeing you that way after your "accidental wardrobe malfunction." Did they say anything or make any comments that night to you or to their son? That must have been Sooooo embarrassing.

    I can't wait to hear what happened next!!! Thank you again, Becky. You're the greatest!

  31. Without giving me the chance to give any explanation, my stepdad upset that I had "embarrassed" him by my half-nakedness, my brother answered Terri's question why I wasn't dressed in my clothes.

    Once Terri found out that I had peed myself, she said something to my stepdad and instead of heading straight to his place, we pulled into a Wal-Mart parking lot and parked not far from the front doors. Terri then told me to get out of the van.

    I said something like "The fuck I will" since I was still bottomless. But she was already opening the side door and standing there.

    "Let's go, Becky. Now!" she said, holding out her hand.

    I couldn't believe this was happening, as I took her hand and stepped down out of the van. By now it was dark, but anyone around could have easily seen me standing there half-naked.

    "Do you have your purse with you?" she asked.

    "Yes," I said, grabbing my small change purse out of the van as I tears rolled down my face.

    Then, she reached in the back into her overnight bag and handed me a long sleep shirt and said, "Put this on."

    I did so quickly, feeling utterly stupid as to think she was going to bring me into the store half-naked.

    "We'll deal with your mouth when we get home," my stepdad said from inside the van.

    Then, holding my hand as if I were a small child, Terri led me into Wal-Mart … and asked the first clerk she saw to direct us to the diapers.

    I humiliated myself by expressing shock and saying, "I don't need to wear a diaper!" which caused the male clerk to snicker as he said he show us. Oh, great. I thought. Couldn't he have just gave her an aisle number?

    The humiliation continued as Terri volunteered that I had another accident while at a relative's house, that's why I wasn't fully dressed.

    She added, "Becky's always peeing herself," as my face turned more red by the minute.

    Fortunately, the check-out line wasn't too long. But Terri had to strike up a conversation with the woman behind us. I tried to avoid listening, but the giggles from the woman and her teenage daughter gave me a good indication what they were discussing.

    I paid the clerk and sat in the van the rest of the way home trying to prepare myself for yet more shame.

    But as it turned out, my stepdad finally let me tell my side of the story of what had happened at Nicole's.

    "Well, that's different then," he said.

    Terri agreed, seemingly reluctantly. But was quick to add, "At least we have some diapers for her if we need them another time."

    My stepdad just nodded and it seemed my humiliation for the evening was at an end.

    Then, Terri instructed me to remove the sleep shirt she had given me to wear. When I hesitated, she pulled it up and off for me, taking the cropped t-shirt with it in one swoop.

    My younger brother smirked as I threw my arms and hands about myself.

    But it was to no avail. I was soon over my stepdad's lap for having swore and "acting up."

    By his standards, that spanking wasn't even close to the worse I had received from him in the past, but it still had me falling asleep butt-up on the bed that night.

  32. I really LIKE Terri a lot ! It seems she also likes to embarrass you too. Did she ever get another chance to embarrass you during your stay at your step-dad's? I hate to say it but I hope so! Please tell us what happened the next day.

  33. THANKS SO MUCH! I have a couple of questions, Becky, if I may. You said you were handed a "long sleepshirt" to wear into Wallmart. I'm trying to picture what this might have looked like. Was it just a really long T-shirt with a sports logo on it or something that Terri might have used to sleep in or did it really look like sleepwear? In other words could people in the store like immediately know you were wearing a nightshirt. How long was it and what was it made of – cotton, thin nylon, or lacey material? If it was really obvious it was sleepwear I can imagine that it was pretty embarrassing. If it was just a sport shirt nobody probably would have given you a second glance.

    Second, I'm like sorta new here and checking things out so I may have missed this tidbit but what happened to your mom? Was your stepdad cheating on her or was Terri not that type of girlfriend – as in friend – friend not girlfriend/companion. Just curious.


  34. Hi. I think with more than a couple seconds glance it would have been pretty clear it was a sleepshirt and not a long t-shirt. It was a light, plain yellow thing with red polka dots. It wasn't lace, just cotton but worn and thin enough that it was plainly evident I had a cropped t-shirt on underneath as well as plainly evident no panties lines were visible. It was mid-thigh in length for Terri, but since she is shorter than I am it barely covered what needed to be covered – and I do mean barely. I would have exposed myself bending over in it. As for my stepdad, he was a complete jerk but, no, he wasn't cheating on my mom. He was introduced to Terri by one of his friends after my mom filed for divorce and after he moved out for good. They eventually broke up. He dated a few other women after that and eventually re-married. He even had the nerve to send me a wedding invitation. It was probably just his way of letting my mom know. I haven't spoken to him since the day in 2003 when he slapped me across the face in front of the CFS mediator.

  35. Oh wow. First thanks for explaining about your stepdad. I hope I didn't bring up a bad subject.

    Second, I had no idea Terri's sleepshirt was that short! You must have just died when that boy took you around the store to the diapers aisle. Not only was it humiliating having him know they were for you but worrying about what he might see as you walked along must have been really something. I would have just died at that age – and been wet as hell too. Somehow scary humiliating stuff is horrible at the time but then afterward I kinda eroticize it, ya know?

    I've had a few really, and I mean really, embarrassing things happen to me when I was in high school and hated every minute of it back then but now I see things differently and wish I could relive those experiences again. I know, I'm weird but that's the truth. Given all that's happened to you I kinda think you understand.


  36. I saw you posted a thread at the Depansting Queens forum ( entitled "Teenage Girl Mouths Off to Stepdad's Girlfriend;Gets Spanked" but it has no text or story associated with it. I am assuming that Stepdad' girlfriend is Terri in your post above. I'd love to here more about your interactions with Terri. Any chance you could post that story either here or at the Depantsing Queens site?

  37. Yes, that is her. Yes, she spanked me – with my stepdad's permission – on more than one occasion. Because of the situation with my stepdad and me not getting along, when any opportunity presented itself where she could embarrass me she did so. That included disciplining me. I will relate what she did soon.

  38. FANTASTIC – something to really look forward to!! Becky, this blog of yours is one of my favorite places to visit. I've followed you for years and watched your popularity grow – even to your own Wikipedia entry, but this place just seems like home. Thank you for that.

    Looking forward to hearing about Terri and your discipline! Oh, and if I may ask, please don't skimp on the details! :-)

  39. Becky, in your post of April 13, 2014 "Teenage Girl Punished Dressed Like Child" you wrote that you could not "deny the effectiveness of the punishment… that of reducing a teenager or even a college-aged woman to the status of a little girl as part of the discipline dished out."

    Wouldn't diapering you like a child be just as or perhaps even more effective?

    If your auntie Nicole hadn't run out of diapers, she would have diapered you at her house, correct? And when your stepdad came with your brother and your brother's friend, everyone would have seen you wearing just a diaper and a little t-shirt? Right?

    Do you think being in a diaper instead of panties should have be reason enough for Terri not to take you into Walmart in order to go buy more diapers given that anyone seeing you would have saw that a 17-year old girl was wearing a diaper?

    Or should that even matter, since you said it's acceptable for a teenage girl to be put in a diaper if it's because she's having accidents? You had peed yourself.

    Even more to the point, how would anyone in the store seeing you know whether you were wearing a diaper out of need as opposed to being punished?

    Shouldn't it make no difference and that you should have been put in a diaper either because you peed yourself or if it was decided you needed punished?

  40. Yes, Nicole would have diapered me that afternoon. She said so. And, yes, she would have kept me in just a diaper and the cropped t-shirt. She certainly wouldn't have felt my modesty needing any protecting after just having denuded me in front of everyone. So, yes, I would have left dressed (or rather undressed) in that same fashion.

    But when I said it was acceptable to put my in a diaper when I was nearly 14 after peeing myself twice in Pamela's minivan isn't the same as this situation. In this case, we could have gone straight home. Or my stepdad could have went home and gotten me some clothes. Even more so, Nicole could have at least let me put a robe on or something.

    As for Terri, diaper or no diaper, I'm sure she'd have still marched me into Walmart regardless. Of course, being seen in a diaper under the sleep shirt would have been much more humiliating than having my panties visible underneath it.

    Finally, there is no legitimate reason to march a diapered teenage girl into Walmart anyway. Whether she had an accident or not.

    So if Nicole HAD put me in a diaper, it wouldn't matter that anyone wouldn't know whether I was wearing it out of necessity or punishment when Terri would have brought me into the store. Because there'd be no reason to bring me in the store like that in the first place!

  41. Becky, in your post about being diapered as a teen, you said: "I readily admit that it was entirely appropriate and totally justified and completely my fault that, at 13-years old, I had to spend several hours one day wearing nothing but a diaper and be seen by extended family like that (yes, topless and wearing nothing but a diaper)"

    My question to you is from a practical standpoint, what difference would it make had you been put in just a diaper as a punishment by your auntie Pamela instead of for peeing yourself?

    Would not all those kids and adults not thought it just as amusing? Would you not have been still embarrassed? And when it would have came time to change your diaper in front of everyone, would you not have been just as naked?

    Please explain to those reading this board how all those guests seeing you in a diaper and having it changed would have made you feel less or more embarrassed, whether the kids and adults would have found observing you in just a diaper less or more amusing and how you would have somehow been less or more exposed when having it removed and changed in front of everyone depending specifically on whether you were put in nothing but a diaper out of necessity or for disciplinary purposes.

  42. Of course people seeing me would have found it just as hilarious at my expense. And of course I'd have felt just as embarrassed regardless of why I was put in a diaper. And obviously I'd have been just as naked when I got changed.

    But I fail to see your point.

    There's a BIG difference between for a teenage girl being diapered out of necessity and being diapered for discipline.

  43. The point, my dear, to which you just agreed to, is that there isn't one iota's bit of differences regarding the amusement of those watching, the embarrassment you'd feel or the exposure you'd suffer if you received regular diaper discipline as a teen instead of only being put in a diaper when you had an accident.

    And you still never answered the question: Wouldn't diapering you like a child be just as or perhaps even more effective (than dressing you like a child)?

  44. I'm not disputing that those times I was diapered and remained in just a diaper in front of people when I was a teenager wasn't amusing for those watching me. They thought it extremely amusing.

    Nor am I saying it wasn't extremely embarrassing for me. It sure was!

    And obviously being already topless when my diaper was changed, I was seen completely naked by those around.

    Nor am I disputing that had those occasions when I was diapered as a teen in front of people after peeing myself might not have really differed much if I had been diapered for disciplinary purposes instead.

    I'm just saying I don't agree with diapering as a punishment, even while conceding it's a more shameful punishment than dressing a teen up as a small child.

    And if by 'more effective' you mean 'more shameful', I concede that as well.

  45. Becky Said" And if by 'more effective' you mean 'more shameful', I concede that as well."

    So let me get this straight, if "more effective" is due to shaming, why not just admit that your Aunt was quite correct in shaming you by changing your diaper in front of everyone or Terri walking you into Walmart wearing just a diaper and a sleep shirt. In fact I submit BOTH were trying to make use of a "more effective" method of getting their point across.

    Terri certainly wasn't trying to explain your diapering in Walmart by raising your shirt to SHOW the diaper to an interested Walmart employee or those patrons – she was purposely shaming you as a form of punishment – the whole reason she marched you into that store in the first place.

    I also submit that NO child likes to be punished and other than beating a child into submission both your Aunt and Terri by your own admission came up with a pretty effective way to get their point across. Admit it, you probably didn't have any more accidents after that did you? Or were there other times as teen that you were diapered or shamed as punishment that haven't told us about?

  46. If I hadn't peed myself in the car ride to Pamela's in-laws' house, I wouldn't have been diapered at all.

    I also don't think it was fair that I was un-diapered in front of everyone (therefore being nude) while Pamela listened to Nicole's suggested that I be put in a clean diaper, and just that. Thankfully, a guest had a solution; a change of clothes she had for her young daughter.

    But I do concede it was necessary to have diapered me for the remainder of the car ride. There was nothing else for me to wear. Even though it meant walking into the house in just a diaper.

    And as much as I hate to admit it, I can even understand Nicole's insistence on diapering me for the ride home. At least she let me wear my washed dress over it.

    But was it really necessary for Nicole to diaper me IN FRONT of everyone? And to make me remain in just a diaper until we left? I was nearly 14! It was mortifying!

    As for Terri, yes, I know she was shaming me. I was 17!

    And it was because of my stepdad, the poor relationship I had with him. (She walked me into Walmart with just the short sleepshirt on which was over top of the cropped tshirt); I wasn't wearing a diaper or panties at that point).

    Yes, I had other accidents, both after the incident at Pamela's in-laws when I was 14 and after I peed myself at Nicole's when I was 17.

    And I have no doubt that had Nicole diapered me earlier, Terri would have walked me into Walmart with me wearing a diaper and wouldn't have cared that it would have been visible. She enjoyed belittling me in front of people. When she was given an excuse to put me in a diaper she did so because it was her way of making me appear immature to others, basically to shame me because I wasn't getting along with my stepdad dad.

    But on that particular night even she agreed with my stepdad that I didn't need to be diapered once we got to my stepdad's new place because I had peed myself only as the result of unforeseen circumstances. OK, yes she would have diapered me if she had her way and had my stepdad not thought it necessary.

  47. Becky said: "And it was because of my stepdad, the poor relationship I had with him . . . she did so because it was her way of making me appear immature to others, basically to shame me because I wasn't getting along with my stepdad dad."

    Interesting. So if I understand you correctly Terri had this animosity towards you because of your relationship with your stepdad. Her desire to shame you wasn't just to provide needed correction. You are saying perhaps that was her way of ingratiating herself with him. Or did she develop a negative relationship with you because of a personality conflict with you that just added fuel to the fire?

    I originally thought she was just trying to do what she might have thought was her job – to make you a better person and see to it that such accidents didn't happen again and shaming was her way to make an impression. After all what 17 year old absent a real medical problem has a history of peeing herself?

    BUT . . . if what you say is true and there was some sort of retaliatory motive at work here then I must side with you. It was darned unfair.

    Still, I can't help but wonder if there was a third motive for her authoritative behavior towards you that night – that she ENJOYED seeing you shamed. People are like that you know. Some actually enjoy watching the humiliation of others (some even enjoy reading about it.) Another possibility was that perhaps Terri was acting out just to please your stepdad knowing that perhaps HE was the one that found amusement in your shame. He certainly has done enough to you in the past to warrant that hypothesis.

    Think about it.

    If Terri really did enjoy seeing you shamed or humiliated even just a little she might have taken advantage of that desire whenever she could. Were there other times when you were in her care she found it necessary to discipline you? If so I'd love to hear about it – purely to gain a better insight into this dynamic between the two of you.

  48. Hi, Hooked6,

    Terri had no interest in developing a friendly relationship with me. And I had no interest in developing ANY relationship with her. She started dated my stepdad after my mom filed for divorce. Just to be clear, he hadn't been cheating; it was nothing like that. But maybe he thought he was hurting my mom by showing how fast he was ready to get in another relationship or whatever.

    And because my mom wanted full custody, my stepdad fought that, too. Just to be an ass. And to cut support payments. It's a lot to go into in a reply here but suffice to say he was being an ass every step of the way and because I accused him of physical abuse (the spankings) Terri made sure to embarrass me when she could, most especially after the judge rejection my mom's petition asking that my stepdad not be allowed to spank my younger brother or me. When he was given that green light, I was basically screwed and Terri knew it. So any excuse to discipline me for anything I did wrong wasn't passed up, nor was any change to otherwise embarrass me or shame me.

    I guess it didn't help matters when the first time my younger brother saw her he asked me who that was and I whispered to him it was our stepdad's "new found whore."

    It was the first of the court ordered visitations. My stepdad had picked up my younger brother and I at our house, then drove over to Terri's place.

    He said he was going to take us out to lunch, but wanted to stop at her place first, that he had to take care of a few things. She was babysitting her two nieces because the girls' parents took their two boys too t-ball or someplace. So we ended up stuck waiting for them to pick up the girls.

    But I was overheard and my stepdad made it clear he wouldn't tolerate what he took as my disrespect for Terri. I was going to be spanked. And that meant being spanked bare.

    "You haven't still learned to watch that mouth, Becky?" he shouted. "I warned you what would happen! Get your ass over here and pull down those shorts."

    I could hear the two girls giggling over at the table in the next room where they were playing some board game.

    I walked over but hesitated. He repeated his demand and said, "If you don't, I will."

    I still hesitated and that's when Terri spoke up and said to my stepdad that perhaps she should spank me since my remark was directed at her.

    My stepdad agreed, then looked at me and said "You got five seconds to decide" or something to that effect "before I pull those shorts down."

    So I turned and faced Terri. First, my stepdad ordered me to apologize. After I did she told me, "OK, Becky. Now undress."

    I pleaded but she said she had already understood that I knew that was how I was to be spanked (that is, totally bare). My brother was standing there, a little stunned and when our eyes met in that. Sure, he'd seen me spanked a handful of times recently but this would be a first time as such out of our own house.

    My stepdad stood up and began to walk over to me. After a quick slap to my butt, he yelled "Get those shorts off NOW!"

  49. I started to unbutton them but I guess I wasn't fast enough because Terri pulled them down for me as I was trying to myself. My panties were soon next. She pulled them down. Then the killer: ''Now your top''

    When I protested, I was reminded that I knew how I was to be spanked. That's when it really hit me: I was going to be naked. I started tearing up while trying to cover myself down there from everyone's eyes. At that point she picked up my shorts and panties and tossed them over to my stepdad and said her nieces' parents would be back with the boys soon and I could either get this over with or still be standing there like that when they arrived. With that I slowly removed my top.

    "Now the bra.''

    I pleaded and said there was no reason to but she said she knew I wouldn't keep still while being spanked unless I kept my arms and hands over my breasts. When I still protested, she said fine. "I'm going to get a cup of coffee. When I get back, let me know if you're ready."

    The minute she walked out of the room into the kitchen, I called her back. She said, "Too late. You made me wait. Now you have to wait until I'm done."

    She made me stand there like that in silence for nearly five minutes while she took her time sipping on her coffee, making me worried that the doorbell could ring any moment.

    Then, when she was ready I reluctantly unhooked my bra and tried to cover my front as best I could as I let my bra drop to the floor. (she picked it up and threw it over to the couch where my stepdad was sitting)

    She then stood up herself along side me and then reached up and gave me a hard slap to my butt. Out of sudden shock because I was expecting her to make me either bend over or lay across her lap, I reached back – another mistake.

    With that she told me to put my hands on top of my head, that there would be no reaching back while I was being spanked. Yes, sure. My brother had seen me naked, my stepdad too. Now this bitch and the two girls. But now I was going to be spanked standing up? Completely exposed? Not allowed to cover myself? And that's exactly what happened. A good twenty or so swats. After about five, I could see my stepdad not smirking but with just a real hateful yet satisfied look on his face. I pulled my hands down out of embarrassment. She stopped and ordered me to put my hands back up on my head. I said no. She said fine. And she walked out of the room again.

    After a minute of standing there covering myself, I was soon asking her and promising her I'd listen. She said she wasn't in any rush and for all she cared I can stand there until her nieces' parents arrived. That had the desired effect: I was soon begging her to finish spanking me. Fortunately, she tabled her threat,

    The rest of the spanking then commenced. This was particularly humiliating since my stepdad was this time WATCHING me being spanked instead of doing the spanking. When my mom found out he later claimed it was my choice to be spanked by her.

    When my spanking was over, Terri ordered me to go stand in a corner.

    I was horrified! "Like this? But I'm NAKED!"

    She said, "You will go stand in that corner until I say you can go get dressed."

    After ten minutes or so, it was clear to me Terri didn't care if I was still in the corner when her brother, sister-in-law and two nephews arrived.

    Then, the doorbell rang, startling me.

    Terri's next words were calm but firm:

    "Becky, go answer the door please."

  50. OMG!!!!!

    So this was the first encounter of being disciplined by Terri? What an awful experience. From what you said so far she seems to be a master at shaming and at least from what you've written above, was thrilled to get a chance to cement her position with your stepdad making sure both he and you knew whose side she was on.

    I must admit I got chills at her cold and calculating demeanor making you stand there pondering your position as she left to get a cup of coffee and yet again pausing for not only dramatic effect but demonstrating her power over you by leaving you yet a second time dragging things out knowing full well guests were coming. In a rather odd way I must say I admire her ingenuity – not that I'm condoning it mind you – just admiring her creativity.

    So. I MUST know what happened next. Did you really answer the door or did Terri come to your rescue after several nerve-wracking seconds and give you a reprieve? Surely she was just toying with you, right?

    Btw, how old were you and your brother when this occurred?

  51. Hooked, when this happened in the summer of 2002, I was still a few months shy of 17. My younger brother, Matt, had just turned 14.

    Naturally, I stayed in the corner, too afraid and too embarrassed to obey Terri's demand.

    "Becky, if I have to go answer the door, I promised you that you'll get another spanking right in front of everyone," she threatened.

    As I was still hesitant when the door bell rang again, and with Terri's nieces giggling in amusement, Terri said, "Very well then."

    I pleaded and then looked at my stepdad for some sort of override of Terri's discipline. But he just sat there and said, "Maybe this will teach you some manners."

    My brother just sat there staring at me, grinning but with a half-sympathetic look on his face.

    As Terri stood up, I blurted out, "Okay, okay!" and rushed past her to the door as the doorbell rang once more.

    Terri glanced at me as I walked past her, a quite satisfying smirk on her face, before she ordered "And keep your hands at your sides, unless you want that other spanking."

    After nodding, into the front hallway I went and walked up to the door. The doorbell rang again as I took a deep breath.

    Just before I pulled it wide open, I closed my eyes, and slapped both arms down to my sides and stood right in front of the now wide open front door.

    Almost immediately I heard a boy's voice yell out, "Woah!!!!!"

    A woman's voice soon followed, "What on earth…"

    Tears were now streaming down my face and I forced myself to open my eyes. There before me stood a woman in her mid-thirties and a teenage boy about my brother's Matt's age or perhaps a year or so younger.

    The boy was standing there, his mouth gaped open, as he eyed me up and down, paying particular attention to my pussy and bush.

    The woman, presumably his mother, stood there equally shocked before asking, "Who are you?"

    "Becky" I answered in a soft voice.

    "Who?" she asked again.

    "Becky Romero," I answered.

    The boy had now squatted down to get a much closer look at my pussy and I had to force myself to resist the overwhelming desire to not only cover myself but run away from the door.

    "Romero… Romero. Do you live a few houses from the Long's?"

    Oh my God, I thought to myself, Terri's family must know some of our neighbors.

    "Yes, I do," blushing as I answered.

    The boy, still stooping down and staring and now looking upward at my boobs, said, "Do you know Larry?"

    (Larry Long was a 15-year old up the street from me who had attended my grammar school)

    "Yes, but not very well," I replied.

    The boy smirked and, finally turning away from me to speak to his mom, "Wait until Larry hears who I saw today."

    The woman chuckled, nodded and said, "Becky, where's Terri and why are you naked?"

  52. Blushing badly, I hesitated before saying Terri's in the kitchen.

    Then I heard footsteps. Terri was walking up behind me.

    "Oh, Jackie! Hello!"

    Terri seemed surprised to see her.

    Jackie said, "Am I interrupting something?"

    Terri laughed at the implied assumption, "Oh hell no, Jackie. This is Becky. I'm dating her father. We're just waiting for my brother to pick up his two girls."

    Terri's nieces had approached from behind and were listening to the conversation with amusement.

    "Stepfather," I remarked in a low tone.

    "And she's naked because…" Jackie asked.

    "Because she has a sassy mouth," Terri answered before adding, "Turn around, Becky."

    "Please… no," I pleaded.

    "Turn around now!" Terri demanded.

    First, looking at the boy then his mom Jackie, I slowly turned around.

    The boy yelled out, "Wow! Look at that red ass, I mean butt."

    His mom snorted before saying "I haven't had to spank Kevin on his bare tush in years. But I suppose some kids just never learn."

    Terri, looking past me and over Jackie's shoulder, said "Oh, look. There's my brother, his wife and two boys now."

    I quickly turned around to see the family getting out of a car parked in front of the residence.

    "Jackie, why don't you stay and meet them. And join us for lunch?," Terri said.

    Jackie replied, "Thanks, I like to. But we can only stay for a few minutes. You forgot your camera when you stopped over the other night. I was just taking Kevin out to go get some new shoes and wanted to drop it off before we got in the car."

    (I'd later find out that Jackie and her son Kevin were Terri's next-door neighbors)

    I could now hear four pair of footsteps approaching up the walkway

  53. Talk about jumping from the frying pan into the fire . . . My respect for Terri just rose considerably. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying what she did was right but she clearly demonstrated the ability to think quickly on her feet and that she had a great command of knowing just how to shame you at just the right time to get the maximum effect. What an unfortunate turn of events that her neighbor Jackie chose that moment to show up returning her camera and with her teenage son no less!

    Please continue. I am intrigued. Did Jackie stay and what happened when the others arrived?

  54. Kevin quickly said, "Hey, mom. Before we leave do you think I can get a picture with Becky?"

    While Terri giggled, Jackie gasped slightly, "Kevin!" she said.

    "But mom," he continued. "Larry will never believe me otherwise."

    Terri spoke up, "Stand over there with Kevin," she said. "And keep those hands down."

    I teared up again as I complied.

    "Just you never mind," his mom said. "If Larry doesn't believe you, you can have him ask me."

    Kevin sighed and said, "Aw. Okay."

    Terri sighed, too, apparently at the missed opportunity to shame me further.

    Still, I felt a lump in my throat as my humiliation was moments away from increasing even more anyway as the footsteps from outside were fast approaching. I also felt the need to pee from being so nervous and from not being able to go earlier.

    I tugged at Terri's sleeve and said, "Can I go to the bathroom?"

    As I was afraid of, Terri replied, "Just a moment, Becky."

    I blurted out, "But I need to pee really bad."

    Kevin grinned wide and giggled.

    Jackie looked at me, smirking, then looked at Terri.

    I was now desperate.

    Terri shrugged and said, "O.K. Go. But you'd better not be lying."

    I blurted out, "I'm not, honest," as I ran off to go find the bathroom" just moments before Terri's brother, sister-in-law and two nephews walked up to the door.

    I peed, just making it, then conveniently hid out in the bathroom for a few minutes while listening to Terri introduce Jackie and Kevin to the others.

    A minute or so later, I heard a knock at the door.

    "Becky?" Becky? Are you in there?" Kevin said.

    "What?" I replied sharply.

    "Just wanted to say it was real nice meeting you," he said.

    "O.K. Bye," I said, still sitting on the toilet.

    Then I heard Jackie and Kevin leaving.

    Then, Terri knocked at the door.

    "Becky, come out. I want you to meet my brother and the rest of his family."

  55. I can only imagine what you must have felt being trapped in that bathroom knowing that at any minute you'd be hauled out to meet another group of people! Talking about having the piss scared out of you . . . (I know, bad pun, but I think that's probably how you must have felt.)

    Please continue. I'm so wanting to know what Terri did next!

  56. This is such a GREAT story. I love reading your recollections as they remind me of some of the things that happened to me back in the day only yours are much more embarrassing! please tell me there's more. I've never posted anything to your blog before but after reading this I just had to log on and tell you how much I am enjoying this.

    Don't stop now. I'm sure Terri took advantage of the situation your were in. I can feel it! I just know there's more.

  57. Thank you for your comments, Megan.

    I, of course, knew Terri had been intending to shame me in front of her brother's family by ordering me to open the front door and that it was just unexpected that Jackie and Kevin dropped by.

    But, although she sure enjoyed seeing me humiliated with the added 'bonus' of Kevin knowing a family on my street, she didn't stop from me using the bathroom. So I felt that perhaps she didn't want to make it too obvious to her neighbor Jackie that she was purposely using shame to punish me.

    But when Terri asked me to come out of the bathroom to meet her brother's family, and knowing Jackie and Kevin had left, I was worried she now couldn't care less that it would be obvious she was punishing me with shame.

    Terri knocked on the door again, telling me to "come out NOW."

    Thankfully Terri's brother and his wife and their two boys were ignorant to everything that had happened that day.

    I heard Terri's brother say something about getting the two girls to some practice and that they really had to get going.

    After I heard them leave and the front door close, I still waiting another few minutes just to be safe before exiting the bathroom.

    My brother grinned at me, as if to say 'good work, Becky' as I walked back into the family room.

    I could see Terri was angry, her arms folded under her breasts just staring at me.

    Still naked, I pretended to look around the room for everyone else.

    Terri pouted, "You know they left."

    I did my best to put on an innocent look.

    Terri sneered at me and told me to get dressed, as the four of us were going out to lunch.

    My stepdad got up to use the bathroom and Terri went into her bedroom to change.

    After they both walked out of the room, my brother Matt gave me a high-five. I smiled, even allowed myself to giggle in victory so-to-speak, that I at least avoided what would have been even more humiliation.

    But then Matt smirked and looked me up and down several times until I was jolted back to reality and began blushing badly.

    I scolded him to "turn around" but he just plopped down on the couch as I stood there for a few more moments before realizing I could either stay naked and argue with him or get dressed.

    So, I was the one who turned around and then got dressed. As I mentioned before, Terri still couldn't help herself adding to my embarrassment in the restaurant by letting our waitress know I had been spanked.

    But, at least that day, I had avoided the shame of her brother, his wife and their two boys seeing me nude. Although I also knew by now that Terri's two nieces probably had told their parents and brothers everything – including why I had been punished (for referring to Terri as a 'whore.')

    When I related what had happened to my close friends Libby and Belinda, they correctly predicted it wouldn't be so easy to avoid being humiliated the next time Terri had the opportunity to 'introduce' me to her family.

  58. Bummer! I was so certain after all that had happened to you there was more to this story. I know real life isn't always like our imagination but I feel all the air was let out of my sails and what happened doesn't seem, you know, realistic. You being allowed to wait hiding in the bathroom all that time while not only her neighbors left but the others came, visited and left too is a bit odd to say the least. It seems to me like you ran out of steam telling this story or you didn't want to talk about what really happened. At least that's what I feel after reading what you wrote.

    Still I'm sure if what you say is true Terri got back a you another time. Will you be posting that account in this thread? If not, where will it appear? Looking with anticipation on hearing what happened next.

  59. Terri's brother and sister-in-law were only coming by to pick up their two girls. It was never intended that they were going to go to lunch with us.

    Plainly, I lucked out. And Terri wasn't willing to press the issue to much – THAT time.

    But pretty much every time I had to have "visitations" with my stepdad, I got spanked. And Terri would spank me on more than one occasions, though usually it was my stepdad.

    I have already posted recollections about several of those incidents. I'll have to update the side menu to include links.

  60. I'll be looking forward to seeing the side menu updates. If you could, would you name the title of them next post/occurrence with Terri in this thread so I will know what title to look for in the menu. I must admit I love this blog – it's my all time favorite and I think I read most of it- but I do seem to have trouble finding time continuity on occasion, that is what happened next or what event proceeded what. It's probably just me so please don't be offended. I think it's all the follow-up posts to the main threads which sometimes contain accounts like this one that may or may not be in the same time frame as the original thread. Like I said I'm sure it's just me. Thanks for clarifying what happened above too.

  61. Hi Megan. You're right. Continuity is an issue since many times I've only written about an experience in response to a comment. And comments unfortunately can't be edited to add a link. Blogger also limits stand-alone pages to 20 per blog. The incidents with Terri all happened back in 2002 & 2003. Thankfully, by the fall of 2003 my stepdad was no longer in the picture anymore, my mom's divorce being final along with the custody issue. I think I'll have to create a page that pretty much talks about that and gives a time reference for incidents, with links. Thanks.

  62. Megan, I agree it's hard at times to follow timelines and I also worry that I miss things in follow-up posts.

    There is an alternative thanks to Becky's friends (and Becky herself) that might help at the link below. On this page referred to, Becky has placed a series of posts of her experiences in a fairly organized manner. Sadly several threads contain only "text goes here," as that page is still a work in progress but the majority of threads are perfect. For further reading of Becky and her friends click "board Index" at top of the page

    Hope this helps, Megan and Becky I hope I don't upset you by posting this link as the last thing I would want to do is drive traffic away from your marvelous blog as the follow-up posts here really ROCK!


  63. I agree with Hooked6. I also like Terri's approach to disciplining you. The only thing differently I would have done was to have washed your mouth out with soap.

    Back in December you said this: "And I have no doubt that had Nicole diapered me earlier, Terri would have walked me into Walmart with me wearing a diaper and wouldn't have cared that it would have been visible. She enjoyed belittling me in front of people. When she was given an excuse to put me in a diaper she did so because it was her way of making me appear immature to others, basically to shame me because I wasn't getting along with my stepdad dad."

    You had indicated that Nicole no longer diapered you (though she would have when you were 17 if she hadn't run out of diapers) but from this it would appear Terri did!

    Can you please expand on that as to the circumstances?

    You also said: "Nor am I disputing that had those occasions when I was diapered as a teen in front of people after peeing myself might not have really differed much if I had been diapered for disciplinary purposes instead."

    Occasions? Plural? Can you please expand on that as well?

  64. Yes, Becky, PLEASE expand on that as well. StrictDad – that was a great pick up on those quotes. I had forgotten that she did indeed say that. I DO hope Terri took advantage of such situations.

    Maybe that's what Becky meant when she said in her post above: "But, it wouldn't [be long]before Terri got another opportunity to shame me. And shame me she did!

    We can only hope!

  65. Actually, my stepdad permitted Terri to wash my mouth out with soap on occasion after that day.

    And yes, unfortunately and as embarrassing as it is to admit, Terri eventually did diaper me several times.

    It was her way of taking advantage of an innocent accident to shame me, especially given the first time was when I had peed myself at the end of a spanking.

    And although Nicole, my stepdad's sister in law, didn't ever again put me in diapers, my stepdad's sister Pamela continued to do so infrequently, including more than once when I was 17. She was not at all concerned that others, including her boys, watched while I was denuded during a diaper change.

    Although I was not shamed in front of the amount of people that I was at 13, others did see me put in a diaper, saw me remain in just a diaper and having my diaper changed.

    I don't think it was fair because several of those times I hadn't even had an accident and it was only because Pamela didn't "want to take any chances" that I might have an accident because of my history of having a few unfortunate accidents.

  66. Terri was not about to let the diapers she made me buy go unused. Less than two weeks later I was wearing them!

    But why on earth would you hope that Terri, as she did, took advantage of a situation to diaper me?

    Just because I peed myself immediately after being spanked?

  67. About time you answered, young lady!

    Where did your auntie Pamela diaper you? Given that you said she "continued to do so infrequently" (diaper you) after your accidents at age 13, is it safe to assume this was what, once a year or more often than that?

    You said she diapered you "more than once" after you turned 17, including "several of those times" when you hadn't had an accident. Do you mean to imply there were also times you were diapered when you did have an accident as well?

    How old were her sons when they saw you diapered?

    You said you and your younger brother had to spend visitations with your stepdad. Did your brother ever see you diapered? If so, what was his reaction?

    Who else saw you diapered? How did they react? Did any other kids younger than you watch you having your diaper changed?

    Were you made to sit with other kids in diapers at age 17 like you were at age 13? If so, were you in a diaper only or with any other clothes on?

    You said Pamela "denuded" you during a diaper change. Were you always nude during your diaper changes?

    Do you still maintain that you weren't being punished by being put in a diaper?

    What did your friends think of you having to wear a diaper at that age? Did any of them see you wearing a diaper? If so, who and how did they react?

    You mentioned that you peed yourself while being changed at 13 by Nicole and as noted above when she intended to diaper you when you were 17.

    Were there any times when you were diapered by Pamela and Terri that you peed yourself while having your diapered changed? If so, who saw you pee yourself and was this presumably with nothing at all on?

    Yes, a lot of questions.

    If you're too ashamed to answer, it's OK, just say so. You don't have to answer if you don't want to. Although if you don't, you do realize people will infer what the answers might have been?

    Hooked6 also said you should "expand" on these incidents so I hope you will.

    Perhaps in answering you will come to realize that putting you diapers was merely adding to the effectiveness of your bare butt spankings.

  68. Yes, that is a lot of questions.

    Embarrassing yet fair questions, but still a lot!

    I think it might be better if I address these in a separate page, where I can put up the questions you asked and that Hooked6 has asked, then answer them. With follow ups below after you, he and anyone else post comments. Does that sound good?

  69. Hooked6, I responded to StrictDad above.

    His questions are quite embarrassing but fair and I really don't have any cause for not answering them, since I already freely engaged in a discussion about having been diapered as a teenager.

    Do you think my suggestion for how I respond to him, you and any one else is adequate? Any thoughts or additional questions of you own?

    My idea is to create a brand new page on this blog, something like girl admits being diapered as a teenager, recalls her shame or something like that.

    The post would start with my near diapering at Terri's, with back links for reference, and then all yours and others questions with my responses.

    The comment section would be made available for follow-up questions, with the questions reposted and also answered.

  70. A brand new page sounds wonderful of course keeping things here in this thread if that's what you really prefer would be okay as well. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE StrictDad's questions and I too would LOVE to read more and yes, as I said before it would be marvelous if you could expound on what happened giving a lot of details as best as you can recall. Your account of when you were diapered in front of the while family by Pamela at age 13 was filled with glorious details and LENGTH allow us readers to get a better picture of what happened to you as well as get into your mind as your experience unfolded.

    It's hard wrap one's mind around your experience and get the full impact of the emotions you must have felt – let alone place the experience in context – as many of us have had limited exposure to such things. Giving us details and expounding on what was happening and why rather than just a short matter-of-fact account really helps us understand things from your point of view.

    Besides that, you are a SUPERB writer and as such we all look forward immensely to your posts. I check your board almost daily!

  71. Hi, Hooked6,

    OK, it appears that for clarity and for answering follow-ups a new page might be best. I will try to have something up by the end of the weekend and post the link to the page here as well as create a new link in the right sidebar menu.

    I'll give StrictDad and anyone else to post their thoughts, but otherwise I'll worked on that page.

    I suppose you are right, that I should expand on each incident in detail despite the embarrassment (and no doubt ridicule) it will bring upon me.

    I really don't have a legitimate excuse to avoid answering every question, since I did go into every detail about my being diapered by Nicole and Pamela when I was 13, do I?

    It's bad enough admitting to have been laying on baby blanket in my birthday suit to be diapered with extended family present and watching when I was 13.

    But to be a 17-year old girl, to be denuded and then diapered in front of young boys, relatives, acquaintances and even total strangers? For the latter, about making a first impression! And the worst part? I mean besides being stripped, wiped and diapered? Just about everyone thought nothing of it! That it just fine and dandy for a teenage girl to be topless and bottomless in front of boys several years and more younger than me!

    Not to mention knowing that any time my name comes up among those who were present, they surely conjure up an image of me, laying there nude as my diaper was changed.

    Yes, as you and StrictDad surmised and unfortunately for me, Terri and (mostly) Pamela diapered me more than once. In fact, they sometimes repeatedly changed my diaper on those days I was put in one. In Pamela's case, this was mostly during stays at her family's house because of her needless worry that I might have an accident, especially when I did have one. After that, each and every time I had to spend the night there, it was in diapers from after evening dinner until after family breakfast the following morning. So although the occasions I was diapered by Pamela after I turned 14 were less than a dozen, the actually amount of diaper changings and any-time-of-a-day I was in one were in the dozens. (Since one weekend stay might be considered one occasion, but 3 nights and mornings of being in a diaper, including a few diaper changes when she felt it necessary. (OK, maybe 'necessary' might mean exactly that, but I'll explain later.)

    With Terri, thankfully there were far fewer occasions I was put in a diaper by her. But she didn't worry any more about my modesty in front of others than Pamela, especially when the opportunity arose to use an accident to shame me.

    Of course, Terri also spanked me on occasion, though mostly it was my stepdad who disciplined me (again, no matter who was present).

  72. I am SO looking forward to reading your expanded accounts with Terri and any other additional details that you might be inclined to provide regarding Pamela and Nicole.

    Why just reading what you posted above is a real treat (too bad for you, sorry). Like I said you are a SUPERB writer who has experienced some very humiliating things in your life. Allowing us a chance to learn about such things and try to place what it must have been like is really a service to us all.

  73. Like Hooked, I as well think your answers should be expanded and detailed. Look at it this way, it will save time for you when answering follow-ups.

    Also curious as to why Nicole mostly stopped diapering you but Pamela continued to do so?

    As for:

    I suggest you make part of your new page into a Q & A format.

    I think readers would appreciate you breaking down answers into more concise responses, particularly with regards you your comments there of July 27-30, 2014 and August 12, 2014.

    On one of those responses, you wrote: "It was perfectly reasonably that I had to get out of the minivan topless, exposed and wearing nothing but a diaper in full view of those around until we were inside the house. All that embarrassment and shame, up to that point, was the cause of me peeing myself. It was no one else's fault by mine."

    What if that happened (or perhaps maybe it did as well?) when you were 17 instead of 13? Would your answer still apply or do you think a 17 year old in that situation deserves special considerations?

  74. Hi, StrictDad,

    As for Nicole and Pamela, it's basically Nicole didn't have the excuses to diaper me and Pamela did. Whenever my mom was away, I'd often have to stay over at Pamela and her husband's house. And given the accidents I had at 13, she decided that putting me in a diaper each night and kept in one until after breakfast the following morning was nothing out of the ordinary. Of course, for me it was anything but ordinary and was more and more embarrassing each time as her boys, who were always present and never shoed away into the next room, grew older. Nor was any consideration made for my modesty when company was there or when a guest or neighbor dropped in.

    As for Nicole, she made it clear to me when I had an accident at her house, if she had diapers on hand, I would have been in a pair.

    Yes, I could do a Question and Answer format, if you mean like a box or sidebar for common questions. What would you (and other readers please suggest as well) like me to answer?

    As to your final question in your post: no. At 17, I was not given any special considerations in those situations because of my age.

  75. I think asking and answering questions in specific threads as is done now keeps all the comments on a particular event in one place. I'm not sure how a Q&A sidebar would work given the myriad of topics covered in this blog.

    For me anyway, it's hard enough to find things I'm interested in as it is. I'd hate to see anything that might make things harder to link topics together. I of curse maybe just don't understand StrictDad's suggestion so if I am off base here please forgive me.

    On the topic of Pamela and Nicole you mentioned: "Nor was any consideration made for my modesty when company was there or when a guest or neighbor dropped in."

    Oh I would DEARLY love to read more about that. I wonder if this was done to enhance any lesson of behavior modification through embarrassment or were both of these people just oblivious to your humiliation at the time.

  76. Hi, Hooked,

    Sorry, you're right. My blog could be better organized.

    As to StrictDad's suggestion, I hope he will clarify. I'm open to any suggestions.

    As for Pamela, once she decided I was to sleep in a diaper each night anytime I had to stay there, I was undressed each night and diapered in the living room before bedtime, regardless whether just her husband and their sons were present or whether they had company. So too each morning at breakfast while sitting at the kitchen table in just a diaper. I was introduced to more than one of their neighbors that way. I will details the incidents as I write about them.

    Pamela for the most part didn't lecture me too much about my behavior. Although she is my then-stepdad's sister, she for the most part didn't discuss the sour relationship I had with him or my parent's divorce. So her diapering me, while knowing the extreme embarrassment I felt, wasn't done to effect "behavior modification."

    Nicole, on the other hand, was never hesitate to belittle me and scold me about my behavior.

    In fact, after we got into an argument at my younger brother's wedding reception in 2013 (a decade after my mom divorced stepdad), she decided she'd spank me. When I was 27-years old!

    This was after I finally began to speak out about how my stepdad treated me. She felt I had no right to do so because when he spanked me I was a minor at the time and didn't like my 'accusations.'

    A number of months earlier a mutual acquaintance told me that Nicole said she was going to "spank that little tramp's bare ass good one day."

    At the reception, we argued and she said I had no right to "bad mouth" my ex-step dad, that my attitude hadn't changed since I was a teenager, that the only thing that worked on my was getting my "ass tanned" and that she was going to straighten out my "bad attitude" once and for all.

    I was a little embarrassed to be arguing with her because two young teenage cousins of my new sister-in-law were sitting nearby and it was obvious the two boys were hearing everything.

    So I finally told Nicole that she couldn't tell me what to do anymore and that I wasn't going to argue anymore with her either and began to walk away.

    But as I walked away from our argument out in the hallway where the restrooms were, she purposely tripped me and then grabbed me so that I fell over her knee.

    Although she is older than me, she's also physically stronger and Nicole had no problem holding me firmly over her lap long enough to unzip my backless, strapless gown, pull it down and let it gather itself between my knees and ankles.

    It probably didn't matter that I spat out "You fucking bitch!" She would have pulled my panties down even if I hadn't.

    After a half dozen sharp swats, my struggling rewarded me by falling off her lap, legs spread, facing Dee Dee's shocked and grinning cousins.

    I didn't even realize that one of my adhesive bra cups had fallen off during the struggle until after Nicole stood up and walked away, leaving me sprawled on the floor with my gown and my panties tangled about my ankles.

    Just then, my older brother's wife Kris walked down the hallway on her way to the restroom and she helped me get up and my gown back on properly.

    I made sure to avoid Nicole the rest of the evening and have only seen her a few times since.

  77. Becky said: "Sorry, you're right. My blog could be better organized."

    Oh no, I never meant to imply that your blog isn't organized. In fact I'm not sure how ANYONE could do a better job than you are given the complexity of the topics here and the interactive nature of the blog allowing opportunities for us fans to enter the discussion.

    In fact, it's the discussions that often lead to some pretty insightful revelations about your experiences and some of the questions posed often lead to things I never would have thought about so please don't take my comment as a negative.

    This is INDEED one of my favorite places to visit. It just feels like home thanks to you and your gracious hospitality.

    Becky wrote: "As for Pamela . . . will detail the incidents as I write about them."

    Thank you for the information about Pamela you posted above and I am SO looking for to reading more details in your future postings. You are the best!

  78. Becky, about my suggestion for a Q & A section. You asked me to explain.

    I think it would be helpful, if not as part of the new page you said you'd create, then maybe as a separate one.

    It's nice that you take the time to respond to replies to your posts. Mind you, I think you should be respectful enough to others who read your blog to answer questions. Many bloggers don't.

    My criticism is more of how you answer. Like Hooked, I think you should err on the side of more details than not enough. But often when you answer questions you are too vague and evasive, perhaps deliberately so, when discussing your punishments.

    For example, when you were diapered at age 13.

    On July 24, 2014 you were asked:

    "Do you acknowledge it's a parent or guardian's right (not whether you think it ok, but whether you think it permissible) to make a 5 year old boy wear just a diaper given the scenario I presented you? Yes or no?"

    And asked:

    "since the parents of the 5 year old boy and your aunt were both of the same mind in that both of you children belonged in diapers, that if the reason for diapering you was the same, then you both should be diapered in the same way. Do you agree on that? Just a yes or no. It's a simple question."

    Similar questions followed by the same poster, who apparently was leading up to see if he could get you to admit you deserved to be diapered.

    Your answers were long, vague and sometimes appeared to avoid the issue.

    I think you should be more concise and straight forward. If a question is phrased so that either a "yes" or "no" is an expected response, then you should answer with either a "yes" or "no." Not saying you shouldn't speak your mind about the question, but let everyone see a clear "yes" or "no" at the start of your response.

    Can we try something? See if you can answer "yes" or "no" then after a paragraph break, comment further if you wish.

    Becky, you said that when you were 17, your stepdad's sister Pamela made you wear nothing but a diaper at bedtime when you slept over at her house. You said her reasoning was because you had history of accidents in recent years when she was babysitting you in your teen years. Do you think she had a right to make you wear a diaper when you were at her house?

    I think Q & A's would also be helpful when discussing other aspects of how you were discipline, particularly with regards to the spankings you received.

    I'd also suggest a timeline of sorts, noting events such as when you were born, when did your stepdad start spanking you, when did your mom file for divorce, when did he stop spanking you, did your mom always oppose him spanking you or was there some a particular incident which caused her to feel that way, etc.

  79. Hi, StrictDad,

    OK. I'll admit that sometimes I've been vague to avoid going into too much detail when I know that if I did, I'd end up humiliating myself.

    Of course, most of the time I eventually end up doing so anyway. But it's a hard habit to break, that is trying to avoid more embarrassment.

    When you are saying I should have a Q & A section, do you mean something like this? I will use the questions you asked for the example.

    StrictDad: Becky, you said that when you were 17, your stepdad's sister Pamela made you wear nothing but a diaper at bedtime when you slept over at her house. You said her reasoning was because you had history of accidents in recent years when she was babysitting you in your teen years. Do you think she had a right to make you wear a diaper when you were at her house?

    Becky Romero: Yes

    Pamela was within her rights to make me wear I diaper when I slept over her house. I don't think she should have, especially since I was 17 at the time, but it was her right to make me wear one.

    StrictDad: When you were born?

    Becky Romero: 1985

    StrictDad: When did your stepdad start spanking you?

    Becky Romero: My luck eventually ran out when I was 16, although my panties had been lowered for a spanking previous to that before fate intervened to literally save my butt.

    StrictDad: When did your mom file for divorce?

    Becky Romero: In the summer of 2002, after one last attempt at marriage counseling failed.

    StrictDad: When did your stepdad stop spanking you?

    Becky Romero: In the spring 2003, after the judge awarded full custody of both me and my younger brother to my mom. He did so after my stepdad failed to comply with required anger management classes, which he was ordered to attend after the mediator just by chance happened to catch my stepdad slapping me hard across the face when she had returned to the room where the three of us had just finished a meeting.

    StrictDad: Did your mom always oppose your stepdad spanking you or was there some a particular incident which caused her to feel that way, etc.?

    Becky Romero: It was more of the anger in which my stepdad had spanked my younger brother and that then carried over to me as well starting in late spring 2002 that upset my mom.

    My mom never spanked us. And many times arguments would result because of him feeling either my younger brother or I needing a spanking.

    But it would be inaccurate to say that she always opposing that I be spanked under any circumstance whatsoever. She did after all even agree (reluctantly) that I be spanked at least weekly for misbehavior at the suggestion of marriage counselors (who were friends of my parents).

  80. Yes, Becky. Very good. That's more of what I had in mind. Something where the questions and answers were more easily understood. Maybe you can use that same page you were talking about or another one, just moving everything up into a Q & A section or copying the Q & A's to another page.

    But you need to practice answering "yes" or "no", so it's clear for anyone reading. Embarrassing for you? Probably.

    I'm sorry that perhaps your stepdad harsh with you. Slapping you in court was not good.

    But for a girl who needed to be spanked regularly on her bare bottom as a teenager, do you have any right to avoid the embarrassment about it?

    How about answering that and these questions:

    Becky you admit that Pamela was within her rights to have made you wear a diaper when you slept over her house. By "made", do you mean that she diapered you? What did you wear over your diaper? Did you ever have to "go" in your diaper? (break these up into separate Q & A's)

    In your last answer above, you said marriage counselors recommended to your parents you be spanked weekly for misbehavior. Did you parents take up the suggestion? If so, how were you spanked (clothed, over panties, bare)? If so, when did they start? Please describe what the first one like, especially since your mom apparently wasn't keen on the idea but still agreed you needed to be spanked? How long did this go on for? Were these spankings private or if not who saw you spanked? Why didn't they continue (presumably the divorce?)?

    I didn't see any prior posts that mentioned this. If there are, please direct.

    StrictDad: For a girl who needed to be spanked regularly on her bare bottom as a teenager, do you have any right to avoid the embarrassment about it?

    Becky Romero: No.

    I don't have any right to avoid the embarrassment of my having been spanked regularly on my bare bottom. People will gossip and people will talk. It's unavoidable.

    StrictDad: Becky you admit that Pamela was within her rights to have made you wear a diaper when you slept over her house. By "made", do you mean that she diapered you?

    Becky Romero: Yes.

    Pamela diapered me each evening an hour or two hour before bedtime.

    StrictDad: What did you wear over your diaper?

    Becky Romero: Nothing.

    I was not allowed to wear anything over the diaper. As a teenage girl with younger boys in the house, plus Pamela's husband, I felt this was needlessly embarrassing me by being topless and wearing only a diaper.

    StrictDad: Did you ever have to "go" in your diaper?

    Becky Romero: Yes.

    StrictDad: In your last answer above, you said marriage counselors recommended to your parents you be spanked weekly for misbehavior. Did you parents take up the suggestion?

    Becky Romero: Yes

    StrictDad: If so, how were you spanked (clothed, over panties, bare)?

    Becky Romero: Bare

    StictDad: If so, when did they start?

    Becky Romero: I complained that my stepdad spanked me too harshly. That sure back-fired, as the marriage counselors asked that my stepdad spank me in their presence so they could judge if what I said was true. So I suppose that was the first one; a second spanking because I broke curfew was several days after that.

    StrictDad: Please describe what the first one like, especially since your mom apparently wasn't keen on the idea but still agreed you needed to be spanked?

    Becky Romero: Positively mortifying!

    Two adults (who also lived down the street) and their young son, who I occasionally babysat, watching me bared and spanked? The shame I felt was unbelievable!

    StrictDad: How long did this go on for? Why didn't they continue (presumably the divorce?)?

    Becky Romero: For about six weeks.

    After that, a reconciliation between my mom and stepdad obviously just wasn't working.

    But the spankings I received didn't stop because my stepdad had visitations rights. And now my mom really couldn't help me at all since she wasn't present anymore when I got spanked.

    StrictDad: Were these spankings private or if not who saw you spanked?

    Becky Romero: No.

    The spankings I received were not in private. If I was to be spanked, I got spanked. No matter who was present.

  82. So Becky. It appears that your mom did approve of you being spanked on your bare bottom after all. She just didn't want to do the deed herself.

    During that spanking when it was asked of your stepdad to demonstrate how hard he spanked you, were your panties pulled down just enough to expose your bottom or did you have to pull them down all the way?

    Don't you think it was reasonable that the marriage counselors observed you being spanked to help determine if your accusation about being hit too hard was true? Remember, Becky. Answer yes or no clearly, then add your additional comments.

    When you broken curfew, was the spanking different? (such as it being longer, corner time, was anyone present, were you bared the same way, etc)

    I think this topic may warrant its own page, given that you were regularly spanked by your stepdad apparently with your mom's approval.

  83. Hi, StrictDad,

    It's not that my mom approved of me being spanked on my bare bottom. She went along with the recommendation of the marriage counselors that I be spanked that way from then on only as what seemed to be a reasonable compromise at the time to both address my behavior and her and my stepdad overall marriage difficulties, much of which concerned how to discipline me and my younger brother.

    StrictDad: When it was asked of your stepdad to demonstrate how hard he spanked you, were your panties pulled down just enough to expose your bottom or did you have to pull them down all the way?

    Becky Romero: My panties were pulled completely down. As at the time of this unexpected spanking I had already been ready for bed, I was completely exposed from the waist down since the only other thing I had on was a mid-riff baring sleep camisole.

    StrictDad: Don't you think it was reasonable that the marriage counselors observed you being spanked to help determine if your accusation about being hit too hard was true? Remember, Becky. Answer yes or no clearly, then add your additional comments.

    Becky Romero: Yes.

    It was reasonable that I be spanked that evening in front of the marriage counselors. But I don't see why my panties had to be pulled down. It was especially humiliating since this couple down the street from us and I occasionally babysat their young boy.

    StrictDad: When you broken curfew, was the spanking different? (such as it being longer, corner time, was anyone present, were you bared the same way, etc)

    Becky Romero: Pretty much, except this time my sleep camisole was also removed leaving me naked (the recommended way for my spankings).

    The spanking lasted longer, the counselors and their son were present and I was given corner time afterwards. My older brother and his girlfriend walked in while I was standing bare in the living room corner.

    I've been reluctant to talk about this and the subsequent spankings I received under this arrangement because of the obvious embarrassment I still feel about it. At my age then (late 16) being spanked, fully nude, over my stepdad's knee in front of company! No matter who was present!

    But, yes, perhaps I should create a separate page for it.

  84. Beck said: "I've been reluctant to talk about this and the subsequent spankings I received under this arrangement because of the obvious embarrassment I still feel about it. At my age then (late 16) being spanked, fully nude, over my stepdad's knee in front of company! No matter who was present! But, yes, perhaps I should create a separate page for it."

    I for one would be interested in reading more about this and other incidents with Pamela, Nicole, and Terri as you promised you would relate earlier. As you are such a talented writer a narrative story is much better than mere Q & A.

    Painful and difficult though it may be, I think we could all learn from it.

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