I Feel Her Shame; I’ve Been Caught Like This Too

Photo Surprise of Nude Girl on Toilet in Socks by demontroll on DeviantArt

Take it from me: it’s awfully difficult to present any future semblance of authority after two boys you regularly babysit catch you fully nude on the toilet in the middle of a pee.

Author: Becky Romero

Midwest native Becky Romero finally coped with the many years of embarrassment, humiliation and shame by letting it all out into the open and talking about it. And she's no longer in denial that she often DID deserve, even well into her late twenties, many bare-bottom disciplinary spankings - no matter who was present and no matter the total exposure and shame she felt. Becky, now 32, is a college grad, single and lives with roommates. She is an interior decorator.

2 thoughts on “I Feel Her Shame; I’ve Been Caught Like This Too”

  1. I walked in on my older babysitter peeing and she made me drop my trousers and pee while she watched. She stood behind me as I peed uncontrollably and she grabbed my rod and pointed it to the toilet. There was only a small mess after that.

  2. Did they walk in on you accidentally or on purpose. My best friend would have us walk in on his sisters when they were peeing just to embarrass them. It was actually quite hot. A girl with her shorts and panties around her ankles is very cute.

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