Teenage Girl Commits Suicide After Being Publicly Humiliated by her Asshole of a Father

And to Deanna Venable, who posted on Facebook: “This father will regret his actions for the rest of his life.”

Regret? A piece of cow dung like that most likely couldn’t care less. That asshole doesn’t deserve anyone’s pity. He deserves a JAIL SENTENCE!

Author: Becky Romero

Midwest native Becky Romero finally coped with the many years of embarrassment, humiliation and shame by letting it all out into the open and talking about it. And she's no longer in denial that she often DID deserve, even well into her late twenties, many bare-bottom disciplinary spankings - no matter who was present and no matter the total exposure and shame she felt. Becky, now 32, is a college grad, single and lives with roommates. She is an interior decorator.

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