About Becky Romero

First, let me drop all the formalities.

Becky Romero, full-frontal nude at lake
Becky Romero, full-frontal nude at lake

OK, there. Yes, feel free to say that I’m without shame. But at least I’ve been properly introduced to you.

It’s been in this total state of undress that I’ve been introduced to many people since I was a teenager. So why shouldn’t I be required to strip naked before each new person I meet?

Yes, I’m still dealing with many years of embarrassment, humiliation and shame – to the point that I essentially expect to be humiliated.

But I am no longer in denial that I now know that I often did deserve, and even now that I’ve turned 30, still deserve the occasional bare-bottom disciplinary spanking.

I’ve had to deal with the humiliation and shame of being bared and spanked since my teenage years. That’s when — because of what he perceived to be my ‘impertinent’ attitude, arguing, disrespect, sassing back, poor behavior, mediocre grades, wearing clothing or swimwear deemed too tight or too revealing, often breaking curfew and engaging in quite a lot of shall I just call it ‘extracurricular activity’ with numerous boyfriends — my stepdad started to spank me when I was 16 – and he did so on my completely exposed bare-bottom!

I was then regularly spanked that way regardless of whom was present – including my brothers, extended family, neighbors or guests. It was especially quite humbling for me when boys who were several or more years younger than me – including relatives, friends of my younger brother and some of whom I routinely babysat – were present to witness me being bared (often from head to toe) and then soundly spanked.

While I absolutely hated it, from my personal experiences I cannot in the slightest dispute the assertion that no punishment is more effective to give to an impertinent, bratty, disrespectful, thinks she ‘knows-it-all’ teenage girl than to quickly reduce her to the modesty-is-irrelevant status of a totally bared, soundly spanked, crying and very quite ashamed of herself preschooler in front of others.

I am also very quite ashamed to admit that I’ve discovered much to my embarrassment that such discipline continued to be quite effective on me – even in my late 20s ! – as my aunt decided that when I’ve had to stay at her house I was not to be any more immune from being spanked than her own teenage daughters. I have been and continue to be subject to such punishment in my bare shame and being fully on display – undressed and then taken over her knee in the living room no matter whatever family or guests happen to be present. Even though I am now 30!

They say a little humility is good for the soul. And I can surely attest to that fact!

As a college grad to have my panties taken down in front of my younger male cousins, to stand there fully exposed while apologizing for my transgressions and then hear them continue to giggle, point and snicker as they watch me being reduced to a naked, jiggling, crying spectacle as I’m soundly but well-deservedly spanked is a very humbling experience indeed.

I’m a native of the Midwest, a college grad, live with roommates and work as an interior decorator. My boyfriend and I split up. We’re still friends and, no, I’m not looking to date online.

Up Close and Personal
Nickname: Brashy Becky
Age: 32
Midwest, U.S.
University Graduate
Hometown: Chicago
Hair: brown
Eyes: green

Very Personal
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 118
Measurements: 34 – 24 – 35
Cup size: 34C
Down There: Unshaven (Yes, that’s right! What of it!?)

Politics: liberal to moderate
Religion: Christian
Sign: Virgo
Music: country, pop
Drinks: rarely
Smokes: no
Drugs: no
Siblings: two brothers
Boyfriend: unattached at the moment
Living Situation: with roommates

swimming, aerobics, softball, cooking, music, interior design, real estate and staying up on current events.

Pet Peeves
… sexist pigs who think they are God’s gift to women
… school corporal punishment
… guys who are control freaks
… internet stalkers

Having Karma Bite Me Back
… Regretting really bad that I had teased a first grade classmate that he belonged in diapers after he had wet his pants the first week of school. After wetting my panties several times in a couple week period, my teacher decided she needed to repeatedly do more than just tell me I belonged in diapers. Karma can sometimes have a cruel sense of irony when it comes back and bites you in the butt.

Most Embarrassing Moments
… being spanked by my teachers in front of my classmates in first and second grade
… caught naked while having sex with my boyfriend in the backseat of his car at 16
… having my nude pics passed around my high school in my senior year when I was 18
… having to walk back into the lobby of my hotel naked after my towel was stolen on the nearby nude beach
… being regularly spanked on my bare-bottom by my stepdad starting when I was 16, in front of anyone who was present
… other moments that involved exposure, being spanked or unfortunately both together

Very Humiliating Experiences
… being repeatedly diapered throughout the school year by my first grade teacher after I had accidentally peed myself a number of times (Karma really bit me in the butt after making fun of a boy who had wet his pants the first week of school)
… being punished in front of my 6th grade class after being caught ‘panty-flashing’ at recess (OK, sure I admit I was deserving of some kind of punishment, but…)

What I Am Like
… guys who like me describe me as cheerful, friendly, humorous and full of life
… guys that hate me use the ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘S’ words

Favorite Movies
… Thelma & Louise
… A league of Their Own
… The Hunt for Red October
… The Untouchables
… Titanic

Favorite TV Shows
… Seinfeld
… Law & Order
… Boston Public

Inspirational People
… My Family
… My friends
… Hillary Clinton
… Courageous Women in Afghanistan
… The U.S. Military

Favorite Quotations
“Revenge is a dish best served to those who are nude.”
– by my friend, Elizabeth McNally

“You let her go, or I’m gonna splatter your ugly face all over this nice car.”
– Louise (Susan Sarandon), in Thelma & Louise

FYI: I don’t Skype, vid chat or engage in sexting.

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