Trump to WEAKEN Airport Security

TSA considering eliminating screening at smaller airports

Washington (CNN) The Transportation Security Administration is considering eliminating passenger screening at more than 150 small and medium-sized airports across the US, according to senior agency officials and internal documents obtained by CNN.

Teenage Girl Ordered to Strip at School by Male Adult

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  • Hypocrite Spanks His Stepdaughter’s Bare Bottom in Front of Young Boys Over Her Revealing Outfit

    Isn’t It Hypocritical For A Stepdad To Spank His Teenage Daughter’s Bare Bottom In Front Of Boys For Wearing An Outfit ‘that Shows Too Much’?

    I don’t think parents and step-parents should spank their kids. But I’ll concede it’s legal (in the U.S.) and that, unfortunately, includes bare bottom spankings – even for teens.

    However, when a teenage girl gets spanked for her choice of clothing, i.e. having a good amount of cleavage showing, wearing tiny string bikinis, tight jeans, mid-riff baring tube tops, thong underwear, short mini skirts, etc., aren’t those parents being sexist?

    Whoever hears of teenage boys getting spanked for “showing too much skin”? Why is it OK for a teenage boy to wear nothing but shorts and sneakers while playing basketball with friends in the front driveway or a neighborhood park but when his older sister wears a tube top and short skirt and heads out shopping with her girlfriends she ends up getting a bare bottom spanking upon returning home?

    And then there’s the whole hypocrisy thing about getting that bare bottom spanking for “showing too much skin” in front of others, including young boys.

    To pro-spanking parents: What’s wrong with this outfit (which got me spanked bare bottomed in front of my younger brother and his two friends)?

    Would you have spanked my bare bottom because I wore it to the mall?

    Becky Romero - in outfit that led to a bare-bottom spanking
    Outfit I wore that caused me to get spanked on my bare-bottom in front of three boys by my stepdad when I was 16

    This was initially published on The Experience Project, September 29, 2013

    Will the Islamofascists go so far that the reaction by Western powers will make the Crusades look like a picnic?

    “According to Swedish counterterrorism officials, in December 2010, a Swedish al Qaeda cell attempted to put part of the “Mumbai-style” plot into operation by driving to Denmark with a submachine gun, a silencer, several dozen 9 mm submachine gun cartridges, and plastic wrist straps to handcuff hostages. Their target was the Jyllands-Posten newspaper in Copenhagen, one of the newspapers that published controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. They were arrested once they reached the Danish capital. Security services believe the plan was to try to take up to 200 journalists hostage at the newspaper and execute many of them, a Swedish counterterrorism source told CNN.”

    The Islamofascists truly have no idea the outrage they will spawn. Should they sow the wind, they will reap the whirlwind. The United States was very restrained after 9/11. That restraint will not happen again.

    I originally published this on my blog at the Experience Project, September 27, 2013.