As a Teenage Girl, I Started Receiving Regular Bare-Bottom Spankings From My Stepdad No Matter Who Else Was Present, Ensuring My Shame Would Last for Years

Becky Romero, receiving one of the many bare-bottom spankings from her stepdad
Becky Romero, receiving one of her frequent bare-bottom spankings from her stepdad as an older teenager

Not long ago I saw a blog post describing the effect of bare bottom spankings on older teenage girls.

It read, in part:

“12-14 is the ideal age for a boy to watch a college-age girl receive a spanking, both in terms of the embarrassment it causes her and the educational value it brings him.

“As mentioned before a good dose of humiliation creates a win-win situation. For the girl it increases the unpleasantness of her punishment . . .

“… she starts kicking wildly her legs and when she ends the show with an undignified bouncing around, furiously rubbing her bottom and pushing forward a bushy triangle as a sign of total surrender. . .

“But for a young lady the worst witnesses of her spankings, I am reliably told, are younger boys. Aarrrgh, that smirk on their faces as you are being scolded: what girl wouldn’t want to scratch these off with iron nails? The sniggering as she is doing corner time with panties at half-mast. . .

“… A big girl, who was looking down on the bratty, nerdy, pervy little pests, but, look, who is laughing now?”

Damn! Reading that hit home hard! Did it ever basically describe how I felt being spanked in front of my younger brother (and his friends, which included boys I regularly babysat!) when my stepdad began spanking me at age 16.

Those shameful spankings left me feeling far much more like a little girl in pre-school barely out of diapers with no need for any modesty to be afforded to her (and which wasn’t) than being an often impertinent teenage girl in high school heading into 11th grade with a driver’s license.

One minute I’d be arguing with my stepdad, the next I’d be over his lap with my bottom bared. Hardly did a week ever go by without me receiving at one, if not several shameful disciplinary spankings.

Once a spanking began I would soon be reduced to crying and babbling incoherently, which was embarrassing on its own let alone the shame that hit me knowing I was displaying everything as my legs kicked about from the pain. And I do mean everything! “Educational” for any boys watching me spanked, indeed!

But the shame was quickly overtaken by the pain as the repeated hard slaps to my bare bottom quickly received my full concentration.

If all of my clothes were removed (as almost always was the case), I was effectively reduced to a crying, naked, jiggling spectacle – on full display for whoever happened to be present at the time.

When my spanking was over, whether it be five or ten minutes or however many minutes later, I couldn’t help but stand there – bottomless – as I hopped about on my feet rubbing my sore bottom, not even trying to cover myself.

Just like a pre-school girl barely out of diapers, modesty was not a consideration for me. And the worst thing about that? My own worries about my modesty would take a back seat to the spanking itself, too, because I essentially WAS feeling like a pre-school girl barely out of diapers as boys years younger than me laughed and giggled and snickered and made me feel quite inferior in age to them.

This would be especially humbling and humiliating when boys who were friends of my younger brother and/or whom I routinely babysat were present to witness my punishment. And over the course of a year, every single young boy whom I regularly babysat saw me exposed and spanked, many of them more than once. Not to mention a number of younger male cousins and boys whose parents were either extended family, neighbors or friends of the family.

These boys saw my teenage boobs jiggle and bounce about while I was spanked and/or when I involuntarily did the “spanky dance” afterwards. They saw my “bushy triangle” or saw me when I was shaven smooth. As was said above, it was quite “educational” for them.

A few of them saw my utter mortification when I couldn’t help but pee myself upon standing up from a harsh spanking. And a few of them saw me put into a diaper on several occasions and kept that way for the rest of the day and watching me having that diaper changed since the bathroom was put off-limits to me. Including several young boys I regularly babysat!

Also seeing me diapered was my younger brother, a few of his close friends and several younger male cousins. And I don’t even want to be reminded about the shame I felt when several times their “assistance” was asked to first check my diaper, then to help change my diaper and eventually, worst of all, wipe me dry!

Younger boys saw me standing in the corner with my reddened bare bottom on full display and with my face just as red from the shame. And a few of them even took the opportunity to swat their previously strict but respected, no-nonsense babysitter on her bare ass just to let her know she’d never live down her shame. They were 100% right. I never have.

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