Becky Romero: My Lifetime of Shame

Born: September 22, 1985

September 1992 – Spanked by My First Grade Teacher in Front of Classmates

When my first-grade teacher overheard me referring to her to a classmate as ”Mrs. Snottyface” (her name sort of rhymed with that), she calmly walked over to my desk and ordered me to stand up. A few moments later I earned the nickname, “Bare Butt Becky” from my snickering classmates.

December 1992 to June 1993 – I Get Repeatedly Diapered by My First Grade Teacher

I ended up regretting really bad that I had teased a first grade classmate that he belonged in diapers after he had wet his pants the first week of school. After wetting my panties several times in a couple week period, my teacher decided she needed to repeatedly do more than just tell me I belonged in diapers. Karma can sometimes have a cruel sense of irony when it comes back and bites you in the butt.

October 1993 – Panties Pulled Down for Spanking by My 2nd Grade Teacher

When my nemesis Andrea tossed my uniform skirt and blouse out the window as we girls changed in our classroom for p.e., I made the mistake of flinging a shoe at her – and missing. Instead, it sailed out the open classroom door where Andrea was leaving from and landed at the foot of our teacher.

July 1995 – Shamed by Classmate When Caught Naked on Public Beach

Forgetting to bring your bikini to the beach is bad enough. But realizing that only after you’ve completely undressed and you unexpectedly hear your arch enemy from school snickering at you is a true nightmare!

May 1997 – Humiliated and Punished in 6th Grade for Flashing My Panties

My teacher decided I needed to be taught an embarrassing lesson in modesty in front of my whole class – one that would also serve as a warning for other would-be panty-flashers.

May 1997 – Made Mistake of Paddling Young Boy on His Bottom

In retrospect, it certainly wasn’t a good idea to hit a young boy’s bottom with a ping pong paddle during a sleep over weekend at a girlfriend’s house.

July 1999 – Bared From Waist Down at Family Barbeque as Prelude to Disciplinary Spanking

When I was 13, an argument ensured with my younger brother and we ended up breaking a large ceramic plant holder at my stepdad’s brother’s house. Matt soon received an embarrassing pants-down spanking on his bare bottom in front of amused guests. Then my stepdad called me over, saying I was “next.”

July 1999 – Whole Family Sees Me Diapered as Teenager

While I readily admit that it was entirely appropriate and totally justified and completely my fault that, at 13-years old, I had to spend several hours one day wearing nothing but a diaper and be seen by extended family like that, was it really necessary later that day for just about the whole extended family of my stepdad’s sister’s in-laws seemingly gather about to watch my diaper get changed?

October 2000 – Young Boys Watch Me Stripped Down as Prelude to Spanking

Imagine being a 15-year old girl, wearing a midriff-baring cropped t-shirt and bra, trembling with your pants at your ankles with only a pair of thin cotton panties shielding your most private area from the four pairs of male eyes a few yards away belonging to your younger brother, two of his friends and your 10-year old cousin. And those panties are in the process of being pulled down, too.

Spring 2002 – Caught Completely Naked Having Sex on a High School Campus

My boyfriend and I were both naked, in the backseat of his car, me on top of him with him inside me and then we hear this loud tapping of a flashlight on the back window and almost at the same time, the click of the back door as it is swung wide open, the overhead light turning on automatically. Standing there starring right at me is that high school’s security guard, a middle-age guy with a moustache and a beer belly. He bellows out, “Just what the fuck do you two think you are doing?”

Spring 2002 – Brothers Watch Their Teenage Sister’s Pants Pulled Down by Stepdad

It was difficult enough for me as a teenage girl to get much privacy with two brothers in the house without our stepdad baring my bottom in front of them in preparation to blister my bottom. But that’s what happened when I was 16. I’m sure it’s not hard to imagine my mortification.

May 2002 – My Luck Finally Runs Out as I’m Fully Exposed and Get Soundly Spanked on My Bare Butt by My Stepdad in Front of Giggling Boys

There’s nothing more shameful for a teenage girl than to have her bare bottom spanked in front of smirking, giggling younger boys – especially when one of them is your younger brother and the other is a boy whom you regularly babysit!

After an increasing number of close calls in the previous few years, my luck finally ran out as my stepdad began giving me regular bare-bottom disciplinary spankings on basically a weekly basis regardless of whom is present. My first spanking was witnessed by not only my then 13-year old younger brother but by his 12-year old playmate – a boy I regularly babysat! My spankings are the final straw that breaks the camel’s back as my mom would soon file for divorce, but my spankings continue for over a year.

By the time my mom’s divorce is final over a year later, my two brothers, much of my extended family, every young boy whom I regularly babysat, a number of neighbors and even total strangers had seen me fully exposed and spanked. Oh, the shame! Not to mention them having a lasting impression of seeing me crying like a pre-schooler and often standing fully bare in their presence – a sobbing, jiggling spectacle rubbing my sore bottom – with all my modesty tossed out the window.

May 2002 – Spanked Bare-Assed in Front of Stepdad’s Family

After being told (and punished) by my stepdad not to wear a new g-string thong bikini I had recently purchased, another argument ensued in the presence of his brother and sister-in-law.

June 2002 – Nearly Arrested, Hand-Cuffed While Wearing Thong Bikini

When my friend Ashley and I were on the way to a lake to meet friends we were pulled over by a state trooper, who ordered us out of the car despite the fact we were wearing nothing but g-string thong bikinis. And, unfortunately for me, the trooper loses his patience over my attitude.

Spring 2002 – Feelings of Teenage Girl Spanked on Bare Bottom by Her Stepdad

Embarrassed. Shamed. Degraded. Demeaned. Disgraced. Humiliated. Mortified. That’s how I felt as a 16-year old teenager when I began receiving regular bare bottom spankings from my stepdad.

Summer 2002 – My Parents Agree I’ll Be Spanked on My Bare Bottom – Weekly – for the Next Four Months, As Well as When Needed Until I Graduate College

An attempt at reconciliation by my mom and stepdad, informally mediated by a couple who are marriage counselors and live down the street from us, resulted in a agreement that beginning immediately I’d be spanked on my bare-bottom weekly for the next four months as well as when needed until I graduate college. It is to make no difference when extended family or guests are present. When I complained to the mediators that my stepdad spanks too harshly, they stunned me by asking to witness me being spanked.

Summer 2002 – Hypocrite Spanks His Stepdaughter’s Bare Bottom in Front of Young Boys Over Her Revealing Outfit

Isn’t it hypocritical, not to mention sexist, for a parent to spank a teenage girl’s bare bottom in front of younger boys simply because she had worn an outfit deemed ‘too revealing’? Who ever hears of teenage boys being spanked for ‘revealing too much skin’?

Summer 2002 – Boys Peek as I Am Strip-Searched by Social Worker

I admit that I didn’t hide my amusement when my younger brother returned to the room after being strip-searched by a female social worker. But I wasn’t laughing for long when it became my turn to completely strip down.

Summer 2002 – I Mouthed Off to Stepdad’s Girlfriend Then Got Spanked

My bare bottom paid the price for getting caught describing to my kid brother that the woman was our stepdad’s “new-found whore.”

Summer 2002 – Boys See Me Spanked in Family Changing Room at Pool

When I refused to get undressed in a family changing room and put on an ‘old moth-eaten’ one-piece given to me by my stepdad’s new girlfriend, it wasn’t long before my bare bottom was spanked to the amusement of all those around.

September 2002 – After Acting Too Smart for My Own Good, I Ended Up Being Shamed and Spanked on My Bare Bottom in Front of the Very Boys I Was Babysitting

Not long after I had turned 17, I suffered one of the worst possible utterly humiliating indignity imaginable for a teenage girl babysitter: being completely stripped and fully exposed from the waist down and then soundly spanked on my bare bottom in front of the very two younger boys whom I had been babysitting that night.

Fall 2002 – Boy Watches His Female Teenage Babysitter Spanked, Punished

Probably the most important thing for a teenage girl who is entrusted with babysitting younger boys is for to have them respect her authority. But imagine what happens to all that respect you’ve built up over time when suddenly one day they see your upturned, completely bare bottom being spanked by your stepdad?

Summer 2003 – Mom’s Divorce Final! Yeah!

It also means that I wouldn’t be receiving any more very embarrassing and shameful bare-bottom spankings from my stepdad. The last spanking came only a few weeks before I turned 18.

November 6, 2003 – My Nude Pics Get Circulated at High School

Becky Romero, surreptitiously photographed at 18-years old showering at high school. Humiliated when this and other nude pics are circulated.

Several jerks at our high school humiliate me and two of my girlfriends by circulating nude pics they surreptitiously took of us showering. Nothing is left to anyone’s imagination and the embarrassment and humiliation continues throughout our senior year.

June 2004 – Graduated High School

Becky Romero is humiliated at her high school graduation when full-frontal nude pics of her are inserted into the programs.

Even though full frontal nude pics of me got inserted into hundreds of graduation programs by friends of the jerks who had humiliated me the previous fall, I tried not to let the shame spoil the day.

June 2004 – Raped by Two Teenage Boys

I was overpowered and forcibly vaginally raped at a public pool by two boys who were a couple years short of even being able to legally drive. All because those boys’ moms had embarrassed them a few years earlier by spanking their bare bottoms at the same pool after I reported their bad behavior.

June 2004 – Bought a House

Purchased a house together with my three closest girlfriends: Libby, Belinda and Ashley. We’ll save big-time on dorm costs.

November 2, 2004 – Voted for John Kerry for President in 2004

My first general election vote for president. In retrospect, if I had a do-over, I would have voted for George Bush. (I really would have preferred Dick Gephardt, but he dropped out early in the Democratic primaries).

December 31, 2006 – Celebrated New Year’s Eve in Times Square With My Friend Libby

Our first time in Times Square in New York for New Year’s Eve and we both peed our pants for lack of access to public restrooms! Talk about embarrassing! Having to walk back to our hotel with it quite obvious what happened to those smirking at us. Some people even took pics! How rude!

July 2006 – Block Party Humiliation As I End Up Naked in Front of Whole Neighborhood

It all started so innocently. Me scolding and calling a young boy a liar after he told his mom that he could see I wasn’t wearing panties under my short sun dress.

February 5, 2008 – Proudly Voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic Presidential Election

July 2008 – Trip of a Lifetime

Spent nearly a whole month on the vacation of a lifetime in Europe with my dear close friends Libby, Belinda and Ashley. Not even being strip-searched at a small airport while only partially shielded by a flimsy privacy screen that ultimately left me exposed to passers-by could spoil it. Nor did having our towels snatched while we were sunning on a nude beach necessitating having to walk back into our hotel completely naked. Nor being duped into ‘purchasing’ a massage while in France only to be taken advantage of while lying naked on my back. Nor a host of other embarrassing incidents.

November 4, 2008 – Proudly Voted for John McCain in the 2008 Presidential Election

That’s right. I’m a PUMA. Party Unity My Ass!

November 6, 2012 – Voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential Election

I didn’t have qualms over voting for Romney. It was having to also cast that vote for Paul Ryan as his running mate that left me a little sick to my stomach.

November 8, 2016 – Proudly Voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election

Hillary should have been winding down her second term as president! She should have won the nomination eights years earlier. And now we’re stuck with Trump.

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